European Drinking Water Cooler Association

European Drinking Water Cooler Association

AquAid are proud members of the EDWCA, the largest water cooler and dispenser association in Europe. The objective of the EDWCA is to ensure that members deliver the best drinking water solutions to their customers at the highest standards possible.


AquAid are bound by the strictest specifications in training, installation, hygiene, equipment, service provision, water quality and general maintenance.


All our installation engineers have passed the WRc-NSF government approved installers course.

We undertake a mandatory comprehensive audit, administered by an independent qualified auditor, each year.

All our sanitation engineers and delivery drivers have undertaken mandatory hygiene training which must be renewed every three years.


The EDWCA Executive Committee, which currently includes an AquAid Director, governs the aims and objectives of the Association. All members adhere to the highest codes of practice, keeping the health and well-being of our customers at the centre of all standards and procedures.