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Week 3

Have started to notice a significance in my skin. I normally get cracked cuticles but they have healed up, in fact even my nails have an interesting shine.

Don’t suffer with heartburn near as much either

I feel like this is making a difference in my skin complexion, making me look younger obviously!!!

I must admit 3 litres ( 5.25 pints in my money) is a struggle, I’m drinking a minimum of 4 pints a day and sometimes getting to target. Where i really struggle is when I’m out on the for road for obvious reasons. There us defiantly a difference in my skin complexion and it is something I will keep up, but probably not to the extent of 5.25pints.

It may be in my mind but I feel more alert, later in the day but other than that,  I haven’t noticed any real benefits yet but have certainly noticed I spend a large percentage of my day either in the loo or hunting for one as I’m based on the road more often than not at the moment.

Where I really struggle is when I’m out on the road for obvious reasons.

When I drink the water I feel more awake and switched on at work. My skin still isn’t great, perseverance required, although it looks less dull.

Week 2

‘ Feeling much more energetic and I’ve noticed the whites of my eyes are much whiter’

‘I am finding it easier to actually drink the full quantity of water’

Week 1

“My colleague knows what I’m trying to do so she brought a wine glass in to work for me today (so that I can imagine I’m drinking something more interesting).”

“For what it’s worth, I’m finding it easier and easier. I think a bit of perseverance is required.”

“I also find I’m quite refreshed – whether it’s down to the water I don’t know, but it could be.”

“Struggling with the volume of water!”

“Urine changed from dark yellow to lighter yellow. Should just be living in the loo the amount of times I need to go.”

“I’ve noticed that my eyelids aren’t glued to my eyes in the morning when I wake up and they’re not as ‘scratchy’.”

“Roof of mouth not as dry. Very tired. Urine pale green. Feel a little like a photosynthesising plant. :)”

“I have only managed about 1½ litres a day. Where the weather is so cold I tend to choose a hot drink instead of cold water. However, my brain activity is good (did a VAT Return yesterday) and I lost 2lbs at Slimming World last night! Some water is better than none!”