Benefits of water

Have you ever stopped to wonder what the health benefits of water might actually be? Our aim at AquAid is to aid you in understanding the benefits of water, and to explain to you why it is so important to your health.

The human body consists of roughly 75% water, and a drop of just 1% of your bodily fluids will start to cause problems like headaches, loss of strength and concentration. The loss of only 3% of fluids from your body will result in a 10% drop in strength, and an 8% loss of speed. These figures should be reason enough for every office to have a water cooler on every corner. If there is a reduction or loss of 4-5% of fluids from the body, then mental performance can be reduced by as much as 30%!  That can have a massive financial impact on a company’s income. Imagine your business loosing 30% of the money that it generates.

By installing an AquAid water cooler, you will not only provide your office with safe, clean and cool water on demand; you will actually be improving the office performance and financial turnovers. What would the impact be on schools and other learning institutions if everyone could perform 30% better mentally?

Our range of free standing bottled water coolers and mains fed water coolers can provide constant hydration to reduce aches and pains, and to improve mental and physical performance. Another benefit of water is for people who suffer from water retention. The best cure is to drink more water. The body works in strange ways, and the less water we drink the more the body tries to store it. This natural reaction was caused by our animal instincts to protect our bodies in times of droughts. Dehydration causes a loss of blood volume, and therefore causes the heart to work harder. This can lead to heart related problems, and also constant tiredness as the dehydrated blood struggles to transport oxygen.

Signs and symptoms of dehydration include dry nose, eyes and throat, headaches, low concentration, drop in blood pressure, constant thirst, rapid heart rate and dizziness. These symptoms can all be avoided by simply having a glass of water every few hours. The benefits of water are endless, as water is needed in nearly every process that happens in the body. Weight loss can be aided by drinking more water. Drinking cold-water aids weightless as the body has to burn calories to heat up again and therefore aids in weight loss.

A few tips on staying hydrates are:

  • to never walks past a water cooler without having a drink
  • never put a glass of water down empty or half empty- fill it first
  • when you feel hungry, have a glass of water first and wait a few minutes
  • add reminders on your computer to automatically send you reminders to drink water

No matter what your water needs might be, AquAid is at your service. We have a wide selection of water products that will assist you in gaining all the benefits of water, improving your life and aiding in better health.