Touch Free Water Coolers

Every day we see more of a demand for Touch-Free Water Coolers.  At AquAid, we offer a range of high quality Non-Touch Water Dispensers created to suit the Workplace as well as Schools and the Education Sector.

Each of these well-designed, innovative machines offer a host of operational safety-conscious features, all while dispensing a high volume of chilled or cool refreshing drinking water on demand.

Please see below for our current range of Touch-Free Water Coolers. Alternatively, contact us directly for expert advice.

AquAid EcoFill
Non Touch

AQ Max Mains Fed
Non Touch

Eco Wallfit Boiler Non Touch

AquAid Dual EcoFill
Non Touch

AQ Max Bottle Fed
Non Touch

Eco Large Flow Boiler Non Touch

AquAid Hydrator
Non Touch

Eco Wallfit Large Boiler Non Touch

Eco Compact Boiler Non Touch