Benefits Of Water


The Benefits of Water

Water is a vital source of life, influencing 100% of the processes in our body, we need it to live, function and thrive. While the benefits of drinking water are well documented across a wide spectrum of research, we often don’t drink enough for optimal health. If you need extra incentives to ensure you remain properly hydrated, keep these benefits top of mind to encourage multiple trips to the water cooler.

It keeps our fluid levels balanced
Maintaining the correct fluid levels helps transport vital nutrients through our body, aiding digestion, bowel movements and regulating body temperature.


It optimises kidney and liver function
As the waste management centre of our bodies, water helps these vital organs detoxify our system and flush out waste products.


It protects our joints and cartilage
Keeping cartilage, which is 85% water, hydrated; keeps our joints supple, also protecting our spinal cord and tissues.


It reduces risk of disease
Increased water intake has been linked to a lower incidence of certain cancers, and a lowered risk associated with heart disease.


It improves our mood
Remaining properly hydrated has been shown to improve our state of mind, keep us energised and alert, and help us to think more clearly.


It helps prevent headaches
Drinking water can help keep headaches at bay, and for some even prevent migraines, where dehydration has been identified as a trigger.


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If you find that you’re suffering from any of these symptoms, the solution could be simple; get an AquAid water cooler and see for yourself the benefits of drinking water more often. You’ll feel the difference immediately.