Bottled Water Dispenser: Your Gateway to Pure, Fresh Hydration

Discover the convenience and quality of AquAid's bottled water dispensers. Our range of water coolers is designed to cater to every need, from compact office spaces to large corporate environments. Our bottle-fed water coolers are installed by WHA-accredited engineers and backed by our premium first-class service! Contact us today to discuss the best options tailored to your specific needs.

Bottle Fed Water Coolers

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We at Snowberry Lane Clinic are very proud to be in partnership with AquAid.

The AquAid staff are very pleasant, professional and are a dream to work with.

All queries have always been handled efficiently and promptly.

It’s also gratifying to work with a company so involved with helping others. We would highly recommend their service to anyone.

Colin Boyd

Snowberry Lane Clinic

We picked your company for our water cooler because of the good work that you do …
Denise Pike

Director, General Maintenance Company

The Benefits of Bottle-Fed Water Coolers

  • Ease of Use and Installation: Our bottled water coolers are designed for simplicity. They require no complex installation, making them perfect for immediate use in various settings.
  • Flexibility and Mobility: These coolers can be placed anywhere, providing flexibility in office layouts, event spaces, or educational institutions. Their portability allows for easy relocation to suit changing needs.
  • Consistent Water Quality: Each water cooler bottle delivers consistently pure and great-tasting water, ensuring your hydration is both enjoyable and beneficial.
  • Cost-Effective Hydration: With no need for plumbing, these coolers offer an economical solution for providing access to high-quality water.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Our range of coolers features sleek and modern designs that complement any interior, adding a touch of style to your space.

Why AquAid Bottled Water Dispenses Stands Out

  • Customised Hydration Solutions: Understanding that each space has its unique needs, we offer tailored solutions to match your specific hydration requirements.
  • Responsive Customer Support: Our dedicated customer service team is always on hand to assist with any queries or concerns, ensuring your experience with us is seamless and satisfactory.
  • Innovative Design and Features: Our bottled water dispensers are not only efficient but also boast modern designs and user-friendly features, making them an attractive addition to any space.

At AquAid, we’re not just providing a product; we’re offering an experience. Our commitment to quality and service is evident in every aspect of our operations. From the initial consultation to ongoing support, we ensure that our clients receive the best in terms of both product quality and customer care. Our goal is to make hydration an effortless and enjoyable part of your daily routine.

Versatility of Our Bottled Water Dispensers

AquAid’s bottle-fed water coolers are expertly crafted for a multitude of environments, effortlessly adapting to various needs. These coolers combine functionality and style, making them a suitable choice for diverse settings, from professional workplaces to personal living spaces, ensuring easy access to quality hydration everywhere.

  • Offices and Workplaces: Enhance productivity and well-being by providing easy access to hydration for employees. Suitable for both small offices and large corporate spaces.
  • Educational Institutions: Ideal for schools, colleges, and universities, ensuring students and staff stay hydrated, aiding concentration and learning.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Essential in hospitals, clinics, and care homes, offering patients and healthcare professionals convenient access to fresh water.
  • Hospitality and Retail: Perfect for hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces, offering guests and customers a refreshing welcome.
  • Home Use: An excellent addition to any home, providing families with clean, fresh-tasting water.
  • Event Spaces and Public Areas: Convenient for conferences, exhibitions, and public gatherings, ensuring attendees have access to water.

How do the bottle-fed water coolers work?

Our bottled water coolers are designed for ease of use. Simply place the water cooler bottle on top of the cooler, and it’s ready to dispense cold and, in some models, hot water.

What types of environments are these coolers suitable for?

They are ideal for a variety of settings including offices, schools, medical facilities, and homes, offering convenience and flexibility.

Is there a maintenance service available for the water coolers?

We provide comprehensive maintenance and sanitisation services to ensure your cooler remains in perfect working condition.

Do you offer a trial period for the bottled water dispensers?

Yes, we provide an option for a trial period so you can experience the benefits of our coolers before making a long-term commitment.

Is installation of the cooler included in the service?

Yes, our team will handle the installation of your bottle water dispenser, ensuring it’s set up efficiently and ready to use.