Water for Schools

Children are particularly susceptible to dehydration. Studies show that between 60 and 70% of school children begin their school day already dehydrated and that this adversely effects cognitive function, performance and mood. At AquAid, we understand that remaining properly hydrated helps to improve attention, short-term memory, and well-being; which is why we offer water coolers specifically designed to suit the school environment. Our water coolers are all equipped with anti-bacterial taps to ensure safe drinking water, and various drainage options to reduce overflow and spillage wherever possible. And to help create and instil better hydration habits, we also offer free refillable drinking water bottles and free school posters to help keep water top of mind during the school day.

Our Educational Package

Every dispenser installed includes the following:

  • Installation in a location of your choice by WHA qualified and enhanced DBS checked engineers.
  • Full maintenance, including emergency call-outs in the event of a breakdown.
  • 100 free bottles for students, plus 2 posters showing the benefits of hydration, suitable for the age group of the students.
  • Automatic charitable donations resulting in clean water resources for children in Africa

Lisa Fahy, Sacred Heart Catholic School

“We have found that over the years of using AquAid their healthy water supply has become the life blood of the school. The children and adults within the school have increased their water consumption, which has had a positive impact both on their health and the school as a whole.

I am delighted to recommend AquAid – the service and professionalism in both the initial installation of the machines and their maintenance has been excellent”

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