Our Water

Our Water

AquAid water is currently extracted from three separate sources, each have varying quantities of minerals. Please select a source below for more information.

Fillongley Water is drawn from great depth in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside.

Bottled at source, the water has a consistent mineral content and a great natural taste.

Fillongley was chosen as our water source due to their unique central location, which reduces the carbon footprint associated with the deliveries to our depots.


Bottled at source Purely Scottish is a pure, high quality, crystal clear, Natural Mineral Water.

The water is drawn from 120 metres beneath the ancient, unspoiled Lammermuir Hills, where it is naturally filtered by deep layers of hard basalt rock and red sandstone.

From there it’s poured directly into 19 litre bottles which are hermetically sealed to lock in the natural purity.

And there it remains until it emerges from your water cooler, just as it left the source, cool and pure. This water is particularly suitable for a low sodium diet.


AquAid’s Irish water comes from a natura­l spring deep in the Irish Hill near the picturesque village of Straid in Co Antrim.

It is an area of great beauty not polluted by industry.

The spring water is bottled at source in purpose built premises which have clean room facilities to the highest standard in Ireland.

The spring water is low in mineral content, particularly sodium, calcium and nitrates