AquAid (Southampton)


Water Cooler & Water Dispenser deliveries on the South Coast

Our Aquaid team based in Eastleigh can deliver water coolers and dispensers straight to your door. We supply both mains fed and bottled water coolers to offices, homes and schools on the South Coast and nearby areas. When you use our services we donate money to provide water to many others in third world countries.

Fast and efficient delivery

We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and professional service every time we deliver. Bottled water is delivered fortnightly as standard, but we are happy to offer free guaranteed next day water delivery.

Areas Covered: Portsmouth, Fareham, Bognor Regis, Southsea, Newport,Gosport, Chichester, Isle of Wight, Petersfield, Midhurst, Waterlooville, Hamble, Hedge End, Bitterne.

Why Schools and offices should have water coolers:

In an increasingly competitive world, businesses have to ensure they get best value from their staff to remain competitive. In that respect, having a water dispenser or water cooler, whether of the mains fed type or the bottle-fed type, is essential. A recent survey conducted by Connecticut University showed that a 1-2% dehydration can lead to as much as a 20% drop in concentration levels, directly impacting staff’s ability to perform and as a result, a company’s profit. Please see Are you hydrated? for further details.

Why use our Bottle fed water coolers?
  • Every 18.9 Litre Bottle of water carries a 10p donation to Christian Aid & a 30p donation to The African Trust
  • Simple & Attractive Water Coolers. A variety of styles and colours to suit your workplace or home.
  • Requires only 1sq foot of space. Bottle Storage racks available for your convenience and safety.
  • Fortnightly delivery plus our EXCLUSIVE Emergency next day delivery free of charge.
  • Simple Installation by our trained professionals & quarterly sanitisations as recommended by the EBWA.
 Why use our mains fed water coolers?
  • Saves you money (up to 70%)
  • Unlimited refreshing filtered water
  • Variety of models to suite all needs
  • Professionally installed and maintained as per the EPDWA
  • Unique “Doulton” filtration system
  • For each installation a charitable donation is made
Bottled Water Coolers
    • Requires only 1sq foot of space
    • Fortnightly delivery
    • Simple Installation
    • Donation to charity

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Mains Fed Water Coolers
    • Fixed monthly cost
    • Professionally installed
    • Unique ‘Doulton’ filtration
    • Donation to charity

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AquAid Boilers
    • Hot, filtered water on demand
    • Full water boiler range
    • Simple installation
    • Fixed monthly cost

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The Team
Mike O’Donoghue – Regional Manager
AquAid Southampton - Branch Manager ” I have been at Aquaid for over 5 years but have worked in the water cooler industry for 13 years in every different department and have a good understanding of our customers requirements. I am delighted to work for AquAid and help promote its charitable work and knowing that what we do makes a real difference”
Theresa Hawkins  – Credit Control Manager
Theresa Hawkins has worked for the company for 8 years ensuring our customers receive their invoices on time. In the 8 years Theresa has worked for the company, she has assisted in nearly all aspects of the business, and recently learnt how to install a mains fed water cooler!
Ian Nias Warehouse Manager Tony Judge Regional Accounts Manager Jan Freeman Accounts Administrator Mary Graham Telesales Executive
Lee Mansbridge Route Manager Darren Nixon Route Manager
Simon Button Engineer David Higman Sanitiser Dave Barnes Sanitiser Clare O’Donoghue Sanitiser
The Team
“Working for Aquaid gives our jobs a real sense of purpose. Knowing that we are not only provding our customers with a great product, but are also changing lives on a daily basis is a great start to every day.” – Mike O’Donoghue

 We at Snowberry Lane Clinic are very proud to be in partnership with AquAid. The AquAid staff are very pleasant, professional and are a dream to work with. All queries have always been handled efficiently and promptly. It's also gratifying to work with a company so involved with helping others. We would highly recommend their service to anyone. –Colin Boyd, Snowberry Lane Clinic