£50 To Christian Aid

£50 to Christian Aid

AquAid is Christian Aid’s biggest corporate partner and one of the fastest growing water cooler companies in Britain.

So far, we have raised more than £2 million for Christian Aid’s water projects around the world. These donations have been generated by AquAid giving 10 pence for every bottle of water sold.

As a sign of our commitment to the fantastic work that Christian Aid does, we are doing even more to help – Any order for a new water cooler, regardless of type will generate an additional £50.00 donation.

This will be multiplied by the amount of machines ordered, so if an order for 5 water cooler is placed, a £250.00 donation will be made.

The additional donation we make will enable Christian Aid to do even more to help people in the Third World gain access to clean, disease free water.

To discuss prices and options please call us today on 01223 508109 quoting “50 to Christian Aid”.