Financial Ombudsman Service

Did you know you have recourse to the Financial Ombudsman if you’re unhappy with your water cooler supplier?

In recent months, the legal reach of the Financial Ombudsman has been extended to include mediation between two companies in rental contract disputes, provided the complainant is a micro business – defined as a business with fewer than 10 staff members and a turnover of less than €2 million.

If the relationship with your current water cooler supplier has soured and attempts to resolve the issue has fallen on deaf ears, then you do have the option of turning to the Financial Ombudsman for assistance.

Step 1:

You are encouraged to talk to the business first. Issues arise in all areas of business and a company should be given the opportunity to resolve the situation first. A reputable company will be quick to attend to a client’s complaints and ensure a satisfactory outcome. They have up to eight weeks to reply to your query. Should you prefer, you can also have the Financial Ombudsman contact them on your behalf.

Step 2:

If they don’t respond within the eight-week period or if you feel their response is unsatisfactory, then you can contact the Financial Ombudsman for further assistance. They will help mediate the process and if they decide someone’s been treated unfairly, they have the legal powers to put things right.

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