Free Standing Outdoor Water Fountain

This Outdoor water fountain is perfect for installation in public areas due to its ability to provide cool drinking water on demand throughout the working day. This machine offers both a lever operated swan neck to fill water bottles and a push button bubbler from which employees can drink directly.

Best suited for installation in: Public areas, High usage areas

Durable design, manufactured for use in public areas.

Polished stainless steel cabinet.

External drainage.

No tank, no stagnant water.

Durable push button bubbler and glass/bottle filler.

Dispenser jet with swan neck dispenser with lever operated controls.


Water supply – Mains

Dimensions – 960mm (H) x 325mm (W) x 340mm (D)

Weight – 29kg

Glass / bottle filler height – 270mm

Colour – Stainless Steel

We provide the installation of your water dispenser in a location of your choice by EDWCA qualified and enhanced DBS checked engineers.

We aim to schedule both the installation of your water cooler or dispenser and any deliveries at your earliest convenience. We are generally able to deliver Mains Fed water coolers and dispensers within 3-4 days.

As per the WHA guidelines, we sanitise all mains-fed water dispensers every 6 months. The service will be carried out by our WHA accredited service technicians and should take no longer than 20 minutes of your time.

There’s no need to call. For your peace of mind, machines are labelled with the date of their last sanitation and when the next one is due, we simply arrive to perform the service whenever it’s due.

We offer a full maintenance package which includes emergency call-outs in the event of a breakdown.

Installing an Outdoor Floor Standing Water Fountain benefits not only everyone at your work place, by supplying you with drinking water at a push of a button, but also those in need on other continents.

AquAid supports both the Africa Trust and Christian Aid , donating a portion of water, water cooler  and dispenser sales to these charities and in so doing continue to ensure those in need have potable water for life.