Our Promise To You

Our Promise to You

At AquAid, the core values that drive us are Customer Satisfaction and Social Responsibility. Delivering exceptional service tailored to your needs, and knowing that together we make a difference in the world is what motivates us, and we promise to keep this at the heart of everything we do.

Customer Satisfaction

As one of the UK’s most trusted brands in water coolers, we constantly strive to provide you with the best quality service possible. By offering an extensive range of innovative products, along with EDWCA Accredited installation and servicing, our aim is to meet all your water dispensing needs professionally and efficiently at all times. This unwavering focus on customer satisfaction is guaranteed nation-wide across all 23 distribution centres; all dedicated to providing the best in local, premium service.

Social Responsibility

Making a positive difference in the world and helping those that need it most has been a cornerstone of the AquAid ethos since the very beginning and by choosing to partner with us; you help make that difference a reality every day. Not only do we constantly strive to find ways of reducing our carbon footprint to ensure a healthier environment for generations to come, but over the years we have donated millions of pounds to charity, helping to bring clean drinking water to many thousands of people.

By choosing AquAid as your preferred water cooler supplier, you choose a company committed to delivering the best customer service possible, and you know that you are helping to bring the gift of water to communities in need.

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