• How To Safely Change a 18.9 Litre Water Cooler Bottle •

Do not lift bottles if you:


Are Under 18•

Have restricted mobilty/motion•

Are pregnant•

Have cardio/respiratory problems•

•Have hernia(s)

•Have musculoskeletal problems

•Are temporarily or permanently



Plan the lift, including assessing the bottle and the surrounding environment. Remove any obstructions. Keep your feet apart to give a good balance and base for lifting. Ensure clothing is not tight, and that appropriate footwear is worn to ensure the lift is safe.

Adapt a good posture when lifting from a low level. Bend your knees but do not kneel or over-flex your knees.

Remove the old bottle, ensuring it does not become an obstacle when you lift the new one.

Remove the sticker at the top of the bottle.

Grasp the bottle by the neck and handle and keep a firm grip. Lift the load smoothly, avoiding sudden or sharp movements, and raise your chin as the lift begins. Keep your back straight, maintaining its natural curve.

When moving the bottle, move your feet and not the load. Keep the bottle close to your body for as long as possible.

Rest the bottle momentarily at the top of the cooler, then adjust your position.

Ensure the bottles sit tight around the spigot on top of the cooler.

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