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Mission Statement

Every time you order one of our products, some of the revenue is used to provide either sustainable solutions to poverty or clean drinking water to some of the world’s neediest. So far, with the help of our customers, AquAid have donated in excess of £10 million to charity.’ ~ Paul Searle, Managing Director of AquAid.

What is The Africa Trust?

The Africa Trust is a charity that focuses on providing sustainable solutions to problems in Third World countries throughout the world. The charity was founded in 2010 by Ian Thorpe, (founder of Pump Aid and inventor of The Elephant Pump) and Paul Searle, Managing Director of AquAid.  Paul and Ian wanted to create a charity where they knew that all of the money would be invested into sustainable projects which offer more than just immediate aid.

  • These sustainable solutions include establishing supplies of clean, productive drinking water and decent sanitation.
  • Income generating projects are used to pay school fees, improve health clinics and generate the funds needed to run orphanages.
  • Wealth creation is an important objective, with business skills training helping school leavers and villagers to start or expand profitable businesses.

The funding for the Africa Trust has almost exclusively been donated by AquAid.  To date, the company have donated in excess of £10,000,000 to Third World projects.

AquAid donations to charity since 1998
Where does The Africa Trust operate?

A large proportion of funding goes towards installing Elephant Pumps in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Uganda and most recently Liberia, however, significant funding is also used for income-generating projects.

The Africa Trust has expanded its operations since its inception to provide for projects in Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi and Liberia.

When you drink water provided by AquAid you are literally helping to transform the lives of some of the world’s poorest people. To find out more about the work of The Africa Trust, click on a country’s flag: (Each Flag will carry a link to the relevant pages on The Africa Trusts site that has information about the work they are doing in each country)