AquAid – Doing Good From The Start

doing good from the start

When AquAid was founded in 1998, a fundamental building block in the creation of the company was to help those less fortunate.

Even In the beginning, when the company wasn’t making a profit, AquAid ensured that money went towards Third World projects and charities. Each month, these donations were made even when the company was operating at a loss. In fact, it took two years to break even, at which point it had made more than £30,000 in charitable contributions. True to its word, AquAid saw to it that these contributions not only grew alongside the company but that those contributions to sustainable projects and charities have remained a large part of the company ethos.


Illustrated graph depicting when the donations started and their growth from year to year.

After donating to various charitable causes over the years, The Africa Trust was co-founded with AquAid in 2010. The cornerstone of the Africa Trust is that they operate with minimum overheads. It focuses its efforts on three areas:

Providing clean drinking water to people in the Third World. To date, more than 2 million people have been supplied with clean drinking water as a result of companies like yours using AquAid.

Entrepreneurial training, which helps trainees gain an income by starting businesses, which in turn creates jobs for others as the business expands.

Banana farms to help pay for children’s education, a key to the long term development of the world’s poorest.

These causes were chosen from a belief that people, providing they have access to clean drinking water and food, can become self-sufficient in their day-to-day lives if given the right tools.  More information about these initiatives can be found here.