What We Do

AquAid – Water Coolers & Dispensers

We supply water coolers and bottled water systems to organisations all over the UK. Our water coolers also help provide safe drinking water to thousands of people every year by donating to Christian Aid and The African Trust.

So when you use our services you are also benefitting many others in the developed world and helping to save lives. Find out more about our donations to charity.

Thanks to our customers we have been able to donate in excess of £6 Million.

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Water Cooler Range

We are committed to providing a quality service and supplying water coolers you can rely on. Our network of distribution centres is the largest in the UK and we guarantee next day delivery.

We’ve serviced thousands of satisfied customers, including offices, schools and restaurants, and offer three different types of water cooler.

Aquaid are dedicated to providing you with quality service, across all of our 32 water cooler distribution centres.

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Why use our Bottle fed water coolers?
  • Every 18.9 Litre Bottle of water carries a 10p donation to Christian Aid & a 30p donation to The African Trust
  • Simple & Attractive Water Coolers. A variety of styles and colours to suit your workplace or home.
  • Requires only 1sq foot of space. Bottle Storage racks available for your convenience and safety.
  • Fortnightly delivery plus our EXCLUSIVE Emergency next day delivery free of charge.
  • Simple Installation by our trained professionals & quarterly sanitisations as recommended by the EBWA.

Call 01223 508109 for a free water cooler trial and begin the journey to saving lives!

Why use our mains fed water coolers?
  • Saves you money (up to 70%)
  • Unlimited refreshing filtered water
  • Variety of models to suite all needs
  • Professionally installed and maintained as per the EPDWA
  • Unique “Doulton” filtration system
  • For each installation a charitable donation is made