AquAid 2.1 Water Boiler

Stylish, compact, reliable and long lasting

If you need to free up staff time you may want to consider the AquAid 2.1 Water Boiler. This product will produce an instant supply of hot water with out the need to constantly boil a kettle. This great looking boiler is not only stylish and compact but is also very reliable and long lasting and has the additional feature of Energy saving eco mode. The AquAid 2.1 Water Boiler also offers a minimum hourly output of 28 Litres.

AquAid 2.1 Water Boiler – Features 
  • Stylish, compact, reliable and long lasting
  • Energy saving Eco mode
  • Electronically controlled for constant temperature of 98 Degrees.
  • Minimal steam escape
  • Early warning intelligent diagnostics with LCD read out
  • Mains fed
  • Rapid draw off 12.5 Litres
  • Minimal hourly output 28 Litres
  • Basic fault self diagnosis with clear LCD read out
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