Sela V Niagara Top 120

The Niagra Top 120 Dispenser comes with an Ice-bank cooling system, Carbonated water and includes Patented technology.

Best suited for installation in: Restaurants and Hotels

Ice-bank cooling system – Eliminates the possibility of stagnation or contamination of the water.

Carbonated water – The silent, professional cold-carbonated system provides large quantities of carbonated water.

Water protected all the way to the dispensing area – Together, the absence of traditional taps and the covered dispensing points impede contamination from external sources, such as hands.

Patented technology – The cooler is fitted with an anti-bacterial UV-ray system that ensures the entire dispensing area remains continuously germ-free.

Dimensions – 355W x560D x 510H (mm)

Weight – 47kg

Cooling range- 3C to 10C / 85F 50F / Adjustable

Litres per Hour – 120

Continuous Flow – 70 Litre per hour

Electrical Supply – 13A plug 230hz

Rated electrical input – 800 watts

Mains pressure requirement – 2 to 3 bar

Mains flow rate requirement – 3.5 litre per min

As hotels, conference centres and restaurants look to reduce costs and their environmental impact from supplying bottled water, Sela-V is becoming the chosen option. It is the only system offered nationwide that not only offers the opportunity to refill bottles on site, but also the use of tamper-evident caps enhancing both quality and customer experience.

Installation and servicing is done by qualified engineers who offer both training and back-up service. With the unique rental model, machines will be replaced on an FOC basis in the event of breakdown, guaranteeing a constant and reliable supply of both still and sparking water at all times.



Calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes