Kenco Hot Drinks

Kenco Coffee

There aren’t many companies who know coffee like Kenco, and that’s why they are AquAid’s choice of hot drink supplier.

Kenco hot drinks include the innovative singles range of coffees, giving you all the rich taste you would expect from a cup of freshly brewed Kenco coffee.

There’s a wide range of authentic Kenco coffee flavours to choose from including:

  • dark, medium or light roast
  • Columbian, Kenyan or Carte Noir blends
  • rich espresso
  • creamy cappuccino
  • de-caf coffees.
Kenco Singles Range

The Kenco Hot Drinks Singles range isn’t just about coffee either, you can also choose from great tasting PG Tips, Earl Gray, Pure Peppermint or Echinacea Raspberry teas and smooth Suchard’s hot chocolate (including lite option).

Water Charity Donations

Just as importantly, the same water charity donations that we make for sales of our bottled water apply to our Kenco hot drinks too.

For every cup of Kenco coffee you buy, AquAid make a donation to Pump Aid enough to bring water to one African child for a whole year.