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Water Coolers

Every environment calls for a certain type of water cooler and we have gone the extra mile to ensure that no matter what the size or location of your office, we have a water cooler that will suit your needs.

Our water coolers are available to either purchase or rent and we have a host of benefits to accompany your decision.

What Our Customers Say

“ Checkatrade.com is trying to do it’s best to become more eco-friendly in our work environment and one of the ways we highlighted where we could do our bit was to install hot water boilers. We have 9 kitchens in various buildings throughout our sites. After investigation and costings we decided to ask AquAid to install boilers for us. 

The installation was hassle free prompt and courteous, the staff are thrilled they no longer have to wait around for kettles to boil, and the water tastes so much better as they all have filters on the boilers! The icing on the cake for us was shortly after the installation we heard from AquAid to say they had sponsored a water pump in Africa in our name to supply fresh water to a village.   

Great Service” – Cas Morrow, Facilities Manager, Checkatrade.com

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