AquAid’s Water Coolers – Not just about the water cooler!

Looking for a water cooler?

You may just be about to make one of the best purchasing decisions, you have ever made. Dehydration carries a huge hidden cost, estimated to cost British business an average of£ 2,000,000,000 per year (yes, that is £2 billion) through absenteeism and poor performance. A wide variety of ailments, including headaches, urinary tract infections, fatigue and general tiredness can have its roots in dehydration.

At AquAid, we believe strongly in keeping dehydration at bay by making your staff aware of the benefits hydration brings – and how to avoid becoming dehydrated. In addition to offering you a broad selection of machines, we also supply all our customers with a variety of value-adds:

  • A ‘get started’ pack, with letters for each member of staff highlighting the benefit of hydration and how to remain hydrated.
  • An informative Hydration Newsletters every quarter, bringing the most recent, up-to-date information to you from the AquAid world of essential water.
  • ‘Pin-ups’ of a different kind – a colour coded urine chart for the bathrooms so that people can check to see whether they are drinking enough water (more popular than people first think – nu afspelen)
  • A quarterly Charity Newsletter illustrating the results of the donations that we have made from your purchases of AquAid water coolers.
Don’t just invest in a water cooler, invest in your water cooler supplier.

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Quarterly Hydration Newsletters

Download PDF’s below