How Much Water Should I Drink every Day?

Much is said about how much water a person should drink every day.

how much water should i drink every day

This information can be pretty generalised and occasionally confusing, so we’ve come up with a more specific indicator of how much water you should be drinking.This chart gives a clear indication of exactly how much water you should drink each day to keep you sufficiently hydrated based on your weight and activity level.

how much water should i drink every day graph

To give you a better indication, we’ve classified both average and sedentary activities here:

A sedentary activity level describes someone who gets little to no exercise. If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or watching television, without working out regularly, you’re considered sedentary. The activity you do perform during your daily routine is low-intensity.

Average activity describes a person who gets just under two and a half hours of activity a week. Examples of average activity are brisk walking (4mph); housework; mowing the lawn; playing doubles tennis and light cycling.

(We haven’t included the drinking requirements in the conversion chart for people who have high levels of activity as this is so varied it is impossible to give general guidelines.)

To get the full benefits of drinking water, you should try to maintain a steady intake throughout the day. That’s where AquAid’s range of bottle fed and mains fed water coolers come in, giving you a constant supply close to hand.