Summer – does it make you Angry?

footWhat annoys you about summer?

You’d think in a country where summer comes but once a year and very briefly at that, we Britons would be celebrating the heat with wild abandon – taking our shoes off, feeling the grass under our feet; eating a 99’er in the sunshine; splashing through the water fountains every chance we get; but this, it seems, is not the case. (That’d be too easy).

According to a survey conducted by Matthew Wood, Managing Director of – summer makes us ANGRY.

People were asked ‘How do you typically find yourself feeling during the summer months?’ and told to state three emotions.

Whereas 63% of respondents stated that they were happy, a surprising proportion was very grumpy.

So, to jump on the grouch bandwagon, we’re asking: what annoys you about summer?

We’ve put together this little survey to see what gets your goat when it’s hot.

Looking forward to seeing which moaniest moan is the top runner!

My personal best complaint (misnomer?) is ‘The weather presenter is pregnant so now I can’t see what the weather is like in Wales.’ Good on just so many levels – spelen roulette echt geld online.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to the Survey. We will posts the results soon