Water Boilers

AquAid Water Boiler Range

Our water boiler range offers you an unlimited supply of filtered drinking water that combines both practicality and self service all within a stylish unit.

AquAid Compact Boiler

Compact Boiler that fits between work-tops and standard kitchen units.

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AquAid H-Duo Mains FedRed
Stylish and comes in a range of colours to suit and decor.
What our Customers Say

“We have been supplied by AquAid for a number of years with all routine servicing and repairs being dealt with swiftly and efficiently. With on-going annual donations being made to charity, this enabled our school to sponsor water wells in Africa which is very pleasing.

AquAid Chiller / BoilerAquAid-Chiller-Boiler

Stylish attractive Boiler that supplies hot and chilled water.

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AquAid WM Boiler­­
AquAid WM BoilerCompact yet powerful wall mounted water boiler with stainless steel boiler.

I would have no hesitation in recommending AquAid.” ~Ahson Mohammed, Headteacher, Holly Lodge, West Midlands.

AquAid 2.1 Water Boiler­­AquAid-2-1-Boiler
Stylish. compact and Reliable. Minimum hourly output of 28 litres
AquAid Instant Boiler

AquAid-Instant-smallUpmarket, stainless steel design.