A personal perspective – working with The Africa Trust

Earlier this year, we included a rather life changing story about a former Liberian child soldier and the positive impact that working with The Africa Trust has had on her and her children’s lives. This month we’re very pleased to meet Nelson Sabeta, who has worked his way up to become a chief trainer of personnel building Elephant Pumps in various locales throughout Africa:


First and foremost I would like thank the Almighty God for my life through hardships and happiness he was and he is always there for me. I come from a poor family in a village called Ben in Headlands, Makoni District in Zimbabwe. My parents were poor peasant farmers and I struggled to go to school, as it was hard to find the fees. My mother worked hard selling vegetables for me to go to school even though she was deaf and dumb. I met Ian Thorpe the C.E.O. of the Africa Trust and he inspired me into doing something different to help people’s lives through water and sanitation.

From that time my life changed as I was chosen to be part of the team of people implementing projects for The Africa Trust. I worked hard as a pump builder and project officer helping the poor by giving them clean water and proper sanitation in Zimbabwe. I also had a privilege to attend a business training short course sponsored by the Africa Trust and I am now able to train others who wish to start their own small businesses. In 2013 as a program officer I was sent to Mozambique to install Elephant Pumps and toilets and the program really went well as we worked together with Dorcas Aid Mozambique. After this I was given a bigger challenge to go to Liberia to implement the water and sanitation program. I am happy to say the program was well received by the Liberians as there is real need for clean water because people were fetching water from open streams full of sewage and others were travelling up to ten kilometres in search of clean water.

Presently I am in Tanzania where I was sent again to start an Elephant Pump program as the chief trainer to the selected personnel so that afterwards they will be able to run this program alone. We are successfully proceeding as the communities have greatly welcomed this program. Personally I am speechless because I don’t know what I would have done without the assistance I got from The Africa Trust as an employee. Right now I am a father of one boy and two girls. I am able to send my kids to school and have enough food for my wife and children. The other thing that makes me happy is I now have selected two orphans who I am helping with school fees through working for The Africa Trust. Also I am the most happy that my family and me, we all believe in God through his son Jesus Christ.

I would like to say thank you to all the Africa Trust funders especially everyone working for AquAid, for your endless love and support for the needy poor people here in Africa, may the Almighty God bless you and always keep you safe.

Yours Sincerely