Water Cooler Accessories

Aquaid offer a range of water cooler accessories that improve our service to you. Our range of water cooler hoods, mats and space-saving bottle racks are designed for your convenience and to ensure our water is drunk safely. Aquaid also offer more than just clean, freshly filtered water. We can supply a range of refreshing hot and cold drink accompaniments that can be used with our hot and cold water coolers.

Natural Flavours – Water Coolers

Everyone knows water is good for you, but sometimes it could do with livening up a little. AquAid’s sugar free natural flavoured water ­does just that and at only two calories in every glass, it’s a treat you can afford to indulge yourself with.

Fruit flavoured water dispensers

It’s not only healthy, its simple too. The optic fits on to the side of any of our water coolers, just take a shot, top it up and you’ve got a refreshing glass of sugar free, natural flavoured water.

Range of natural flavours

Our low calorie, fruit flavours are available in:

  • peach
  • lemon & lime
  • apple
  • pear
  • strawberry & kiwi

These great tasting drinks are just part of our hot and cold drinks;cooler accessories, which include a range of Kenco coffees

Cost effective and charitable

Putting a fruity zing into your cup of thirst-quenching AquAid doesnt have to cost the earth either a 1 litre bottle of concentrate makes up to 10 litres of sugar free natural flavoured water.

Even though this offers great value, as you would expect from AquAid, you’ll still be helping those less fortunate elsewhere. For every bottle sold, we donate 5p to Christian Aid.

Water Cooler Mats

Water spillages around water dispensers in busy work areas, offices or schools are inevitable and can prove dangerous.

For those situations, we’ve ­produced AquAid water cooler mats. With a capacity of up to 5 litres, these highly absorbent water cooler mats sit directly below your water dispenser.

Water Coolers – Health & Safety

With these in place, even when water is spilled, puddles will not build up, causing a potential health and safety issue. Instead, any excess water will be neatly absorbed into the water cooler mats.

If you’d like to find out more, either contact your lo­cal ­water cooler supplier for further details or fill in the form below and we’ll call you back.

Water Cooler Racks

If you use a bottle-fed water dispenser, it can often prove tricky to store your bottles safely and without taking up a lot of room.­

Water cooler storage rack

AquAid’s bottled water storage racks help keep your workplace clutter free and save on space, holding up to 4 bottles in the same area as one.

Space saving and stylish

Not only will our bottled water storage racks act as space saving devices, their stylish white minimalist design make them a pleasing addition to any office.

If you’d like to talk about ordering one of our bottled water storage racks, either contact your local supplier­ for further details or fill in the form below and we’ll call you back.

 Water Coolers Hoods

Bottled water can develop algae if left in direct sunlight, which is why it’s important your water cooler is kept away from any windows.­

In some areas this may not be possible. You can’t always choose where your water dispenser sits, and for those situations we’ve designed a protective water cooler hood .

Protect your water cooler from algae build up

This fitted water cooler hood stops your bottle supply from turning green as the result of algae build-up, wasting valuable resources.

If you’d like to find out more, either contact your local water cooler supplier for further details or fill in the form below and we’ll call you back.