Cafe Direct / Hot and Cold Water Dispensers

Cafe Direct / Hot and Cold Water Dispensers

AquAid’s on demand hot and cold water dispensers are available with a great tasting range of soups, hot chocolates, as well as Cafe direct and Kenco coffee­

Hot & Cold Water Dispensers can be desktop or free standing and s­et up with your choice of up to 6 drinks.

AquAid’s water dispensers ­don’t just offer refreshing drin­ks either they offer great value too. Our range of hot beverages deliver a better taste, more cost effectively than many other comparable dispensers.

What’s more, with a choice of free, token or fixed price vend, you keep control over your ongoing costs.

Cafe Direct, fair trade

Wherever possible, we choose to supply Fair trade products, like Cafe direct coffee. Fair trade guarantees a better deal for Third World producers and allows them to invest money in local healthcare and education.

Cafe Direct drinks range:­
  • Cadburys Drinking Chocolate­
  • Cafe direct Coffee
  • Bovril
  • A full range of Soups
  • Lipton’s iced Tea
  • Various soft drinks
  • Kenco coffee

Hot & cold Water Dispensersnes from AquAid can also be installed with cool, refreshing sugar free natural flavours peach, lemon & lime, apple and pear and for each bottle we sell, we’ll donate 5p to Christian Aid.

Try Cafe Direct for free!

If you’d like to try out any of our great tasting drinks for free, with no obligation, just contact your nearest water cooler supplier.