Just because the winter is approaching it does not mean that your basic body functions change. Therefore it is not advisable to change your water drinking habits just because it is getting colder. You may not be sweating as much but you still require water to transport minerals to protect your body from colds and flu during winter. In addition to this, with winter comes wind and extreme low temperatures and you expose yourself to heaters and fires causing skin conditions, headaches and dry coughs. All these conditions can be restored by drinking water and increasing your fluid intake.

Opting for a glass of water during winter, however, is not so easily done for most. Here are a few suggestions to help make it easier to drink water in winter:-

  • Try herbal teas. Intensify your tastes buds with the variety of herbal teas that are widely available such as ginger, lemon, cinnamon and peppermint. Avoid drinking regular tea and coffee as they are high in caffeine.
  • Heat your water up until nice and warm, but not hot. Squeeze in a drop or two of lemon. Very refreshing and yet warm. Fresh ginger and honey are also a good compliment to add to warm water.
  • Learn about the benefits of water. The more your read about how good water is for you, both mentally and physically, the more your desire to drink water will become.
  • Drink water only for a while. It is very hard for water to compete with sodas and sugary drinks. By removing these flavors it will allow your taste buds to become accustomed to the taste of water.

If you fall into a regular routine to drink enough glasses of water per day, your body will soon realise that there is enough water available and it would make you thirsty more often, resulting in you drinking more water and equipping your body to work at full capacity.