By now we are all fully aware of the benefits of drinking water, but to some, the taste of water does not encourage us to drink our recommended daily amount of water. Here are our 8 tops tips to adding some spice to your water…

1) Herbal mint leaves.  Try adding some herbal mint leaves to you glass of drinking water. Not only will this add a fresh cool taste to your water but it is also 100% calorie free.


2) Fresh Fruit. try your favorite fruit as an addition to your water. Citrus fruits like lemons, limes and oranges are most probably the most common, but be daring, try some crushed raspberries or watermelon. Even adding slices of strawberries can add flavor as well as looking great.


3) Juice Blends. Most fruit juice can be a very good base flavor to add to your water. But always remember the health objectives of drinking water. Opt for juices that are natural and have no added sugar. They are great tasting and contain the vitamins and antioxidants that can only benefit your body further.


4) Ice. Great way to get creative. Invest in some appealing ice trays like stars or fish, add some of the suggestions above and freeze. Try your favorite fruit chopped up, even herbs like mint will freeze well.


5) Cucumber. Left over cucumber is always readily available. Add it to your water for that extra refreshing sip.


6) Basil Leaves. Crushed basil leaves left to soak overnight in water will bring about a whole new taste sensation.


7) Rose Water. Just a few drops of rose water will add a touch of class to your water.


8) Freeze clementine slices. Forget ice cubes, try freezing slices of clementines. These will not only work as ice blocks but will add additional nutrition to your water.