It is so much easier and simpler to have a healthy lifestyle and healthy skin than most people think. The basics of a healthy lifestyle are finding the right balance between healthy living and the correct intake of good quality fruit and vegetables. The healthy lifestyle can be made easier by assisting your body to remove all the toxins, chemicals and waste products by giving it the tools needed to clear your system. Our modern lifestyle often adds to the stress and harmful toxins that we consume and we need to give our bodies the best chance of surviving for as long as possible.

The best tool, and one that will not cost you much at all, is water. Water is the most important building block in our bodies and it is needed for every cell, muscle and fibre to survive. Our bodies need water to clear out the toxins and to effectively rinse our system of harmful waste products. Blood is made up predominantly of water and it is the main source of vitamins and minerals to all our cells. The more water that you drink, the more your body can clean itself and remove these harmful substances, resulting in a healthier more efficient body. A problem that often happens is that people mistake the feelings of dehydration for the feeling of hunger. This leads to many individuals eating more than they need to and gaining weight. When the feeling of hunger hits, have a glass of water first and see if the craving goes away. This will assist you to reduce your body’s food intake and it will help to ensure that you stay hydrated. If the hunger needs are still there after you have had your fill of water, then eat something healthy, depending on the time of day.

Another benefit of water is that it hydrates the skin and makes it look younger and healthier. It does this when the cells in the skin are correctly hydrated, giving them a fuller and healthier appearance.

Keep a water bottle with you and ensure that you are always correctly hydrated.