There are thousands of diets, formulas and many quick fix solutions to assist the masses in losing weight, but the majority of these products are only designed to offer false hope and quick profits. The correct way to lose weight is to watch what you eat, have a healthy lifestyle and to drink enough water.

Watching what you eat simply comes down to balancing your food intake with your activities. Your lifestyle is one of the biggest factors determining your health and your body shape. People often think that to lose weight they will have to gym for hours, or run marathons every day, but that is not the truth. Healthy food, lots of fruit and vegetables and drinking enough water is all that you need. If you can calculate the amount of energy (food) that your body needs every day on average, then you can calculate how much to eat every day. Don’t put in more than your body needs.  Reducing your alcohol consumption will also assist you with your weight loss.

Water is the cheapest and easiest weight loss substance available and the health benefits are amazing. The reason why water is so important and beneficial is because it is the most important fluid in our bodies. Without water, our bodies cannot function. Our muscles, organs, brain and every fibre in our body requires water to assist in the transportation, feeding and cleaning of all our cells.  Drinking enough water will ensure that your body can flush out all the toxins and waste products, while at the same time ensuring that nutrients and supplements are transported to the required areas. Another fantastic advantage of drinking enough water is that it assists your skin to look healthier and younger and to reduce sign of ageing.

Remember that your lifestyle, quality of food and water consumption all play a part in weight loss and the key is to find the balance that works best for you.