We hear so often that water is the healthy option and we are convinced that water is good for you. But how do you go about making drinking water a daily habit?

Here are some basic tips, which may seem obvious, but if put into practise, drinking the correct amount a water per day will become a natural part of your daily routine.

  • How much water?
    This is a debatable question. The best way to go about this is to form a routine. Drink a glass when you wake up, a glass with each meal, a glass in between meals, and be sure to drink before, during and after exercise. The idea is to prevent yourself from actually getting thirsty. Once you find that you are thirsty, your body is already dehydrated.
  • Carry a bottle
    Having a bottle of water with you during the day is a very useful way to have continued sips of water. Keep a bottle on your desk at work or in your car. Keep re filling it and within sight.
  • Set a reminder
    Set your watch to beep at the top of each hour, or set a periodic computer reminder, so that you don’t forget to drink water.
  • Substitute water
    If you would normally get a soda, or a cup of tea or coffee, get a glass of water instead.
  • Water Cooler
    Instead of spending a fortune on bottled water, invest in a water cooler for your workplace or home. This is a great way to keep chilled filtered water at hand as well as keeping costs down.
  • Exercise
    If you’re going to exercise, be sure to drink water a couple hours ahead of time, so that it will get through your system in time, and again, drink during and after exercise as well.
  • Track it
    It often helps, when forming a new habit, to keep track of it — it increases awareness and helps you ensure that you’re staying on track. Keep a little log which can be as simple as a tick mark for each glass of water you drink.