As we all know – and as Gravesend especially knows – a recorded 25.7 °C two weeks ago – summer is most definitely here.

Being all things water, one can imagine that I’ll be coming out with reams of ‘drink thy water’ tomes, but just for argy bargy’s sake, today, I’m not.

Yep, you read right, today I’m not going to be talking drink water; today I’m talking about how to keep hydrated externally. Watch this sportsfans!

See that sponge? That’s your skin, that is! (If not looked after …)

Seriously though, are there ways other than drinking sufficient water to keep your skin well moisturised and plumped up smooth or this just an old wives tale?

Blogista Shaw went walkabout (cyber style) and came across some pretty good tips:

  • 1. Wear protective clothing over your skin. A lot of clothing in outdoor stores and fashion stores has a UV protection rating. The UV protection rating is a good indicator of how clothing can act as an excellent barrier against the sun’s rays. Cover up as much skin as you can, using lightweight fabrics when it’s really hot and uncomfortable. Choose fabrics that won’t itch, scratch, or overheat you and choose light colours over dark ones, to keep the heat level down. My own personal jury is still out on this light colour clothing vs. dark, but that’s for another time.
  • 2.Wear a hat. Your facial skin will benefit enormously from a permanent ring of shade over it in the heat of the sun. This I can attest to. I have the coolest soft cowgirl style hat that I’ve had for years that’s all UV protected as above and it has served me well. Plus, it looks very styling!
  •  3. Give your skin a break. By watching the weather over summer, you can work out the days when you won’t need to slather on the chemicals, such as when it’s pouring with rain or it’s a very overcast day. Be sure to pop on your hat and cover clothing as usual because UV rays still penetrate the clouds; you can at least allow your skin a break from the sun cream.
  •  4. If you’re going on holiday and you’re driving, then take your make-up off before you leave as it gives your skin time to breathe.  Leave your make-up off as often as possible while you’re on holiday. This is a great opportunity to let your skin breathe and be free from the chemicals in cosmetics.
  •  5. Rinse skin after swimming. This is especially important when you’ve been swimming in chlorinated environments as the chlorine can dry out your skin and for some people it can even result in an allergic reaction. And whereas the salt in the sea can be very healing for cuts, grazes and unhappy ‘winter feet’, the same can’t be said for chlorinated water.

Now you know. More in the next insert. ‘Peace an’ love, peace an’ love, people’ as Ringo says!