A compound, typically a crystalline one, in which water molecules are chemically bound to another compound or an element.


Cause to absorb water.


The process of combining with water; is usually reversible.

Further than the noun and the verb of the word, what is the big, fat, hairy deal with hydration? Is it just a buzzword? A trend? Or, is there actually something more to it?

Short answer:



Well, perhaps hydration is a bit of buzz word and 2 decades ago, we, similar to our animals, referred to our being needed to be kept hydrated as being kept ‘watered’, however, the importance is the same – drinking sufficient water is essential to humans – in fact, it is an absolute necessity.


Water makes up approximately 70 per cent of an adult’s body, so as petrol fuels an engine to make it run, water is the fuel that runs our bodies (and brains etc. etc).

For a car engine, it’s pretty simple, no fuel, no motion, but for humans, a little more dramatic – you could be doing yourself harm by not keeping hydrated – to the point where you can hardly function and potentially exacerbate any deficiency or illness you may have.

Next week, perhaps you’d like to gather around the water cooler with me for more detail about the importance of drinking the aqua whether at the workplace, the home space or schmoozing the FaceBook.