I’ve schlubbed my way in from my ‘olidays and am gearing myself up for the AquAid Drink Water Daily Challenge and all of a sardine, it strikes me – what am I going to be drinking out of? I can’t just drink out of any old thing (actually I can, but being a tactile sensitive person, I’m fussy – deal with it), I need something that screams (softly) ‘DRINK FROM ME BECAUSE I’M JUST TOO GORGEOUS NOT TO’ or something thereabouts.

Bearing in mind that despite what the head honcho’s would like, I’m not chained to my desk 24/7, which means that during the hours I’m not in the office drinking from our water cooler, I’m going to need an alternative, thus the great internet search commenced.  Great galloping grannies did I come across some doozies, as you will see from the images.

I’m very into glass containers at present; however, I doubt it’s very practical lugging an unusual glass water bottle like the one pictured above just to gain some style cred. Uh-uh.

I did quite like the ‘wrist-bottle’, but being rather co-ordination challenged, it’s likely that seventy percent of the water would end up splashed all over my keyboard, which would pretty much defeat the object of the keeping well hydrated part of the challenge.

Rather like, ‘What differences are noticeable after four weeks of three litres per day?’

‘Well, nothing noticeable on me, mate, but my keyboard’s sprouted a few potatoes’…

I also came across this rather ‘take me to your leader’ type container, very reminiscent of the green creatures from Toy Story, but common sense prevailed, as I’d probably spend more time playing with the water bottle than actually drinking from it.

After exhaustive research, I decided that I’d just use my plain Jane, weather beaten water bottle, because the focus here is drinking the water and seeing the result and not how ‘stylish’ I look while drinking the water.

I have had a little word with the office though and asked them if I can decant the water from the water cooler for after hours, to which they agreed. Good for me! (Initially I did ask if I could borrow the water cooler bottle, but that didn’t get the desired response.)

If you’d like more information about what the AquAid Drink Water Daily Challenge is all about, drop us a line or telephone our HQ, we’d love for you to participate with us – the results can only be good!