I always remember my mum and her ‘home-made’ remedies – most of which I disliked intensely, as they involved gaggingly horrible ingredients like molasses and cod liver oil (I kid you not) and other such horribles.

Now, as a fully-fledged adult (as I would have you believe) I realise that my mum was (and is) a very wise and advanced individual when it came to such good health benefits.

Apart from the whacking great tablespoonful of said clo & m (or clom) every morning, part of my mum’s morning ritual would be the juice of half a lemon, freshly squeezed, in a glass of hot water. When it looked like a cold might be coming on, a tablespoon of honey (which we’ll chat about in another blog) would be dissolved in with the lemon water.

Here’s the sweet and the sour of it:

  1. Boosts your immune system: Lemons are high in vitamin C, which is great for fighting colds.  They’re high in potassium, which stimulates brain and nerve function. Potassium also helps control blood pressure.
  2. Balances pH: Drink lemon water every day and you’ll reduce your body’s overall acidity. Lemon is one of the most alkaline foods around. Yes, lemon has citric acid but it does not create acidity in the body once metabolised.
  3. Helps with weight loss:   Lemons are high in pectin fibre, which helps fight hunger cravings. It also has been shown that people who maintain a more alkaline diet (see #2) lose weight faster.
  4. Aids digestion:  Lemon juice helps flush out unwanted materials. It encourages the liver to produce bile which is an acid that required for digestion. Efficient digestion reduces heartburn and constipation.
  5. Is a diuretic: Lemons increase the rate of urination in the body, which helps purify it. Toxins are, therefore, released at a faster rate which helps keep your urinary tract healthy.
  6. Clears skin:  The vitamin C component helps decrease wrinkles and blemishes. Lemon water purges toxins from the blood which helps keep skin clear as well. It can actually be applied directly to scars to help reduce their appearance.
  7. Freshens breath: Not only this, but it can help relieve tooth pain and gingivitis. Monitor this, as too much citric acid can erode tooth enamel.
  8. Relieves respiratory problems: Warm lemon water helps get rid of chest infections and halt those pesky coughs. It’s thought to be helpful to people with asthma and allergies too.
  9. Prevent kidney stones: Drinking one half-cup of lemon juice every day raises citrate levels in the urine. Studies have shown that this could protect against calcium stones in the kidney.
  10. Potassium power: Bananas aren’t the only way to get a big helping of potassium in your system. In addition to vitamin C, lemons offer 80 milligrams of this mineral that helps your body stay strong and nimble.

If you’re one of those workaholics who arrives at work pre-dawn and you haven’t yet mastered the art of carrying your kettle with you, never fear. With AquAid’s range of water coolers, water boilers and in-cup drinks range, all you’ll need to stock up on is a lemon. Pour yourself a mug / thick glass of hot water (water from source I’ll have you know) add lemon (or squeeze, who needs a stress ball) mix and drink. Lemon power to you!