With the heatwaves and minimal rainfall experienced across the UK this year, UK government bodies and environmental groups have warned that unless we have heavy rainfall this winter, we may be facing water restrictions of some kind in 2019 – which is worrying to say the least. We know that when we open a tap or push the button on the water cooler, drinking water will flow, but we do need to be more mindful of how much water we can save in other areas of our lives by making a few small changes. Something as simple as choosing to shower instead of bath for example can make a big difference, saving half the amount of water.


The best place to start is at home. Have all your taps checked to make sure there are no leaks or drips – if there are, get someone out to repair it as soon as possible. A dripping or leaking tap can lead to thousands of liters of water simply lost forever. Not to mention a leaking toilet, if your toilet has a leak, you could be wasting about 200 litres of water every day – that equates to flushing your toilet an additional 50 times for no reason.


Another simple way to save water is to not let the water run while you’re brushing your teeth. It’s amazing how many of us stand at the basin brushing our teeth, looking in the mirror, while water literally goes down the drain. Turn off the tap to save water. The same goes for when you’re busy in the kitchen – we often leave the tap running while we clean a cup or rinse our vegetables. Try instead, to keep a bowl filled with water in the kitchen sink and use that for rinsing dishes, and another bowl to rinse fruit or vegetables – that water can then be repurposed in the garden.

In short you can actively be more vigilant about the way you use water, and you should make sure that all your water sources are functioning optimally, which includes your water cooler – whether at home or at the office, having it regularly serviced ensures that it performs as it should. For all your water cooler needs, be sure to contact AquAid – they are the UK’s leading water cooler supplier, delivering exceptional service to over 33,000 customers nationwide.