Charity Begins Wherever You Are

Charity Begins Wherever You Are

‘And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity’

We are extraordinarily proud of our AquAid team, their hard work and commitment in providing their best to our customers. In turn, our customers’ support contributes immeasurably towards our ability to continue to donate to charities that implement life-changing clean water resources for people in need.

It is therefore, with much humility, we thank every single member of the AquAid team who continue to make sure that our customers: from remote working, cubbyhole home offices through to frontline medical facilities, frontline workers, schools, colleges and unis, to small, medium and large corporations, have had access to refreshing drinking water, whatever the work situation, wherever the location.

And thank you to all our customers, established and new, who continue their valued custom of our services, with whom we hope to continue a longstanding business relationship as your preferred drinking water, water dispenser and water cooler supplier.

As we head towards the close of another year, we begin to reflect on what the year held for us, highs, lows and in-between. All of which is why this announcement is certainly a high:

It is thanks to all, AquAid and customers alike, we are delighted to announce that as of October this year, we have passed the threshold of £18 million in donations to charity.

If you would like to know how you, too, can remaining refreshed and hydrated, all while contributing charitable donations, simply by partnering with us at AquAid, do get in contact. We are here to assist.

Eventful November at the Water Cooler

Eventful November at the Water Cooler

November is a month chock full of occasions, annual observances, traditions and remembrances.

A brief glance:

01 Nov – All Saints’ Day

02 Nov – All Souls’ Day

04 Nov – Diwali

05 Nov – Guy Fawkes Night

the list goes on.

This may be due to November being a pivotal period of the year as we enter the final transition from late summer to winter and the close of yet another year.  Although the dropping temperatures and increase in blustery weather may make it difficult to believe, it’s still officially autumn in November.

With so many observances, traditions and events on the go this month it’s easy to understand that we may let our changing hydration needs slip by the wayside despite there being a simple and cost-effective solution. A solution as simple as switching from a chilled drinking water dispenser to a cool and piping hot drinking water dispenser.

With AquAid, you’re spoilt for choice – we supply a wide range of top-quality water coolers, water boilers and Instant Taps – all backed by our superlative services pre, during and post installation.

We invite you to visit our informative website and browse our water cooler selection, suitable for all industries and any size staff contingent, then contact our helpful team via e-mail, telephone or at the website.

Water and keeping cooler weather weight off!

Water and keeping cooler weather weight off!

When temperatures decrease to single digits, it’s understandable that our impulse to slow down, exercise less and drink less water, increases.

This impulse, however, isn’t that good for our health and well-being overall.  As it happens, there are loads of options we can take in the winter months that actually aren’t that difficult to follow and can keep as summer lean in the process.

Keep exercising

I’m not suggesting that you swim the Channel or go running in minus ten degree weather, but if you attend a gym, health fitness club, or simply walk or jog around your area, keep up with it. In cold months, your exertions will keep you nice and toasty while exercising, instead of trying to continuously cool down when you’re exercising in the summer months. Just remember to keep hydrated. You can become just as dehydrated when it’s cold as you can when it’s warmer. Drink water, lots of it.

If you don’t have access to a fitness club, exercise at home – there is tons of information on YouTube; on social media or on the internet in general that can give you adequate instruction on exercise regimes you can follow to keep toned up.

Bulk up with tasty, healthy food

Again, the instinct (which is hard wired into our genetic code) is to eat rich, fatty foods when it’s colder so we can bulk up and insulate ourselves. Thing is, we’re not seals and we don’t live in the Arctic (even if some days if may feel like it). There are loads of options to eat hearty, warming food without packing on the weight.

The food in season right now is plentiful and it makes good sense, because if you eat with the seasons, it keeps your spend on food down, as in-season food is more readily available.

From pears to parsnips and mackerel to mussels, there’s such a wide range food available this autumn, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Do not stop drinking water!

Throughout all of this, keeping up with exercising, eating the right food: the most important cooler weather regime is to keep up with drinking water.

If you are averse to cold water, then drink hot water – hot water infused with lemon or indeed any citrus – is a fantastic get up and go to begin the day.

If you’re dispensing drinking water from your water cooler in your office or workplace and the water’s a bit chilly, you can always adjust the thermostat or opt for a hot & cold water dispenser – AquAid has a wide range of high-quality water coolers, hot water boilers and hot & cold Instant Taps.

Drinking Water at Work – why it’s so important

Drinking Water at Work – why it’s so important

Unfortunately, drinking and replenishing our water usually isn’t a priority – from the moment we arrive in the office and even less throughout the working day – often until well after leaving work.

There are a number of reasons for this:

Your focus is on your work. Organising. Deadlines. Problem solving. Schedules. Meetings.

Your industry requires 100% of your attention throughout the working day. Whether your job spec requires precision work, attention to detail or constant interaction with customers, colleagues or other divisions.

There isn’t enough time in the day. Despite even the best organisational skills, this is a common complaint for those in the workplace.

In a study conducted by the Natural Source Waters Association (previously named the Natural Hydration Council) of 300 UK General Practitioners found that “one in five GP consultations were down to tiredness and fatigue and one in ten of those were thought to be linked to dehydration.”

It’s no surprise then that possibly the last thought that occurs is providing your body and mind with the very fuel which helps you function effectively while at the office and throughout the working day.

However, there is a rather simple solution available:

Install an AquAid water cooler at your premises.

Keep a water glass on your desk or carry a water bottle on your person if you are always on the move.

Get into a routine where you take short breaks throughout the day: take a breather, stretch your legs and circuit past your water cooler station to replenish your water.

Why the AquAid Range of Water Dispensers?

Why the AquAid Range of Water Dispensers?

There are multiple reasons to choose AquAid for all your cool, chilled or piping hot drinking water needs. We’ve compiled an at-a-glance list providing you with relevant information with which to help you decide on which AquAid water dispenser matches your drinking water requirements.

Quality Range

We supply a wide range of high quality, user-friendly water dispensers. Included in our range are cold, cold and hot water coolers, hot water boilers and Instant Taps.


Our bespoke water coolers, boilers and Instant Taps come standard with a range of hygienic features. Like silver impregnated anti-bacterial taps and ‘Freshield’ anti-microbial moulded components.


We offer a wide range of Touch-Free water dispensers that include non-contact dispense points and infrared sensor technology, thereby eliminating user contact with buttons.


From all aspects, choosing AquAid means convenience to you. Installing an AquAid water dispenser provides a convenient and continual supply of refreshing drinking water. With 23 branches, we are at your convenience whatever your location in the UK and we provide convenience – with delivery and installation of our bottle-fed coolers in 48 hours and mains-fed coolers in 3-4 days.


Draw on our over two decades of business in the provision of high quality water coolers backed our dedicated personnel and efficient systems.


You get to rely on our wealth of experience, taking the worry out of what cooler for which application. We offer an obligation free consultation in order to establish which water dispensers meets your drinking water requirements. We cater to all organisations, irrespective of size or type of industry.


With multiple distribution centres making us closer to our customers through to SIP and ELIMINATA energy-saving technology and reusing our water bottles, we continue making every effort to reduce our carbon footprint on our environment.


A core factor of our business is our belief in making a difference and helping those who need it most. Since our inception in 1998 we have donated to charities, focusing on organisations that implement life-saving, sustainable clean water resources to some of the world’s poorest water scarce communities.

Should I Drink less Water when the Weather Temperature is Cooler?

Should I Drink less Water when the Weather Temperature is Cooler?

It’s always encouraging when summer extends its warmth further into the year – increasing our urge to keep active, perhaps exercise more – all while boosting our sense of well-being.

As the weather turns cooler, so might the inclination to cut down on our water intake, when in fact year round, we need to keep an eye on maintaining healthy hydration habits.

Now with late summer progressing into autumn, it’s important not to cut down on our water intake, but rather make sure that we always have a bottle of water with us, wherever we go, much as we do in the warmer months.

Without realising it as we begin covering up, adding more layers of clothing – we’re still losing water, through even minimal exertion, exhalation and perspiration – it’s just not as noticeable.

Whether we’re commuting to the office, taking the children to school or even just walking around, the rules to keep properly hydrated shouldn’t change too much, regardless of the season.

The wonderful thing about cooler weather though, is hot water drinks become more appealing, as long as we remember to balance drinking each tea and coffee with drinking a glass of water.

From there, the simplest method to keeping yourself healthily hydrated is making sure you have a constant supply of drinking water wherever your location. Always have a bottle or a glass of water handy and make sure to refill your water bottle or water glass at regular intervals using your water dispenser, water cooler or hot water boiler.