The Synergy between AquAid Water Coolers and The Africa Trust Elephant Pumps

The Synergy between AquAid Water Coolers and The Africa Trust Elephant Pumps

AquAid’s high-volume bottle fed and mains fed water coolers are the perfect solution where there is a high demand for a constant supply of fresh drinking water – wherever the location: football grounds; offices; worksites, warehouses; medical rooms; colleges; workshops; hotels; varsities or schools.

Every AquAid Large Capacity Mains Fed Water Dispenser is designed for ease of operation and to run efficiently.

For illustrative purposes, we are looking at the High Capacity Mains-Fed AquAid Hydrator Water Cooler, as it has an extra-large reservoir – a point-of-use water dispenser specially designed for serving a large number of people.

With a dispense gap of 230mm, easily accommodating varying sizes of water containers, the Hydrator can dispense up to 40ℓ of chilled water each hour, a sufficient volume to fill 120 x 330ml bottles.

The Hydrator’s sturdy design, developed for use in high usage areas, also boasts Hygiene Guard silver impregnated dispense tap reduces bacteria transfer and a flood guard anti-leak device for added security.

And there you have it, cool drinking water on tap. All the clever little (and large) mechanisms silently operating behind the scenes, all the while ensuring that you – thirsty Thelma or Thaddeus – remain properly hydrated and super productive throughout your working day or night.


Every installation of an AquAid mainsfed water cooler and each bottle of water replenished brings with it donations that are used to build more water wells – referred to as Elephant Pumps – for communities in water scarce regions across sub-Saharan Africa.

So, the next time you press a button and fill your water bottle, mug or glass, think about the fact that not only are you keeping yourself healthy and hydrated but also with that simple push, you will have directly contributed towards:

Another draught of clean drinking water pumped into a bucket or onto a banana plantation that will pay for school fees and;

Another child now has access to safe drinking water, which will help them better concentrate in school and;

Another community with readily available potable, productive water for use every day, for all generations, for many decades.

Rather marvellous, don’t you think?

Egg Rolling, Rockets and ‘Easter Water’

Egg Rolling, Rockets and ‘Easter Water’

In spite of what has almost become an AquAid tradition of writing an Easter themed blog and the role water plays at this time of the year, we’re constantly amazed there is more to discover out there with an (usually traditional) Easter/water connection. As well as other unusual traditions and events that is.

In previous blogs, we referred to traditions such as in Switzerland, people decorate wells and fountains leading up to Easter. Decorating a well symbolises the honouring of water, which is essential for life, and Easter, the feast of renewed life.

In another, we looked at where every Easter, hundreds of thousands of Norwegians indulge in crime fiction, known in Norwegian as påskekrim (Easter crime).

This year we discovered ‘l’eau de Paques’, or ‘Easter water’.  The purity, healing and restorative powers of any water collected from any moving brook, stream or river in the hours* before sunrise on Easter hearkens back to a Catholic ritual performed in France hundreds of years ago and reaching as far as Quebec, and still performed today.

Egg rolling began in Central Europe and the United Kingdom and in Preston, eggs have been rolled for more than a century and a half. According to a Lonely Planet article Avenham Park, whose grassy slope is the perfect stage for children competing to roll their egg the furthest.

Fireworks are common during midnight church services on Orthodox Easter Saturdays in Greece. But on the island of Chios, Easter is incendiary. Two neighbouring parishes hold an annual competition to fire shots at each other’s steeples. Real cannons were used until the late 19th century, but these days homemade rockets are the ammunition for the town’s annual ‘rouketopolemos’ (rocket war).*

Of course, as AquAid is all things water, health and hydration, we do not recommend beginning a local version of the Easter rocket wars. What we will do is wish you all a peaceful and blessed Easter, however you choose to celebrate it.

*source: article Bangor Daily News

*source: article Lonely Planet

Shocking Tea News to trade at the Water Cooler

Shocking Tea News to trade at the Water Cooler

We apologise for the shock tactics used to get your attention however, the news is just that: shocking!

According to a fascinating article written by Roberto A. Ferdman for Quartz magazine, it transpires that Britons are not the biggest tea drinkers in the world. That title goes to the Turks.

We’re not referring to the most tea consumed per country overall – that’s China. We’re talking about the most tea consumed per person.

The list looks like this:

1st – Turkey

2nd Ireland

3rd – United Kingdom

As we all know, in order to make tea, you need water. We wonder then, if Turkey drink the most tea, are they then the world’s biggest water drinkers? A conundrum we will not pretend we are able to solve.

What we do know though (in fact, we have a good 22 years’ experience in the field of drinking water) is that if you want to drink cups and mugs of tea (or coffee) or any hot drink throughout the day, then you should speak to us at AquAid.  From our cost-saving hot water boilers to our wide range of cool and hot & cold water dispensers, we will make sure you find the perfect fit water dispenser to match your requirements.

We welcome your enquiries via e-mail or us on 0800 772 3003 and look forward to being able to assist you.

Why Water is just … Better!

Why Water is just … Better!

When you start to drink more water, you’ll find that you drink less fizzy drinks and fewer high calorie drinks. There are a few major benefits to this:

  • Swapping water for fizzy drinks helps decrease your daily caloric intake.
  • The more water you drink helps you feel fuller, reducing the impulse to snack more.
  • Drinking water instead of heavily flavoured drinks helps trains your taste buds to enjoy the subtle tastes of whole foods that are less processed and lower in calories.
  • Drinking sufficient water will have a noticeable and remarkably fast effect (for the better) to your physical well-being.
  • Drinking water instead of reaching for the fizz will fatten your brain cells and not your body’s fat cells.
  • Fizzy drinks can act as a diuretic whereas water does not dehydrate you – it in fact achieves the complete opposite.
  • Drinking water, while you may not initially register it, is incredibly refreshing, whereas drinking fizzy drinks can increase your thirst and need for more sugar.

And while you might drink water to lose weight, you’ll find that it’s also good for your pocket. Have you ever thought about the annual cost of your fizzy drinks habit? For many people, it is substantial. A single diet fizzy drink during the day may not seem expensive, but over the course of a year, it adds up to a few hundred pounds.

Right now is a good enough time as any to embark on a drink more water, less sugary drinks campaign. Use your fizzy drinks money to buy a water bottle. Or, buy two – one to leave at the office and one to keep on you if your workplace involves being out of the office throughout the week.

Use the office water cooler to replenish your water bottle before you head out or often during the day if you work in-house.

Treat yourself – Drink Water

Treat yourself – Drink Water

Although it may be common knowledge that the adult human body is composed of up to 70 percent water, what may not be commonly known is that a huge amount of water is lost through metabolism, exercise, temperature regulation, waste transportation and digestion. Needless to say, it is essential for your health to stay hydrated.

Previously we’ve introduced ideas on how to encourage children to drink water, but what about ourselves? If you’re the kind of person who Pavlov Dog (excuse the very bad pun) salivates at liquid only is it’s fizzy, packed full of sugar or is a pretty colour, how do you ‘trick’ yourself into drinking the good ol’ H2O?

Add visual interest to your beverage.  Forcing yourself to drink eight, tepid glasses of water out of a boring plastic cup will feel like drudge central. Instead, purchase a colourful sports bottle or a trendy travel mug. Carry your fashionable cup with you and take small sips throughout the day. Don’t try and drink it all at once.

Chill slices of orange and lemon or whole grapes, strawberries and raspberries. Or, be adventurous and mix sliced fruit or mint with slices of cucumber. Fill a clear glass part way full with chilled fruit and top up with water from your water dispenser or Instant Tap. Not only will your water look interesting, but also the subtle flavours of the fruit, aromatics or cucumber will make for a tasty hydration hack.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Surprisingly, about 20 percent of your daily water consumption comes from food. Some, such as cucumber, watermelon and tomato are nearly 90 percent water by weight. Cut up fruit and vegetable slices and carry them in a sealed container in your bag/backpack for a snack during the day.

Drink beverages other than water. Water is calorie free, but other drinks are good for you too.  Depending on your dietary requirements, drinking milk or vegetable juice can be nutritious. Tea and coffee count toward your daily water consumption, but exercise moderation as caffeine makes the body excrete water. Too much caffeine may also make you jittery. Avoid sugary juices and soda. Limit alcohol consumption as alcohol is a diuretic and may dehydrate you.

Teach yourself good habits. There have been some rather unsettling reports about the lethargy produced from computer and office bound work. Combat these by leaving your workspace and perambulating over to the water cooler area. While it might not be appreciated if you pretend that you’re stalking prey at a watering hole in the Serengeti, a quick confab with your co-workers while you replenish your water bottle will give your brain and body a break.

Stake your water bottle claim. Fun it up in your workplace by ensuring the water glass or water bottle you replenish at the water cooler is distinctive and ‘you’ branded and unlikely to be claimed by a magpie type colleague. Who knows, you could start a trend!

How to Revitalise the Brain if you’re not Dr. Frankenstein

How to Revitalise the Brain if you’re not Dr. Frankenstein

Does the title rhyme? I think it just might. We’re off to a great start then!

Of course, it isn’t necessary to harness lightning and channel electricity to create brainwaves or make us feel more alive. There is, in fact, a far simpler, less complicated and indeed, more pleasant method to achieve this.

Our brains depend on proper hydration to function optimally. Brain cells require a delicate balance between water and various elements to operate and when you lose too much water, that balance is disrupted. Your brain cells lose efficiency.*

Years of research have found that when we’re parched, we have more difficulty keeping our attention focused. Dehydration can impair short-term memory function and the recall of long-term memory. The ability to perform mental arithmetic, like calculating whether you’ll be late for work if you hit snooze for another 15 minutes, is compromised when your fluids are low.*

Over the course of a typical twenty-four hour period, the longest spell most of us go without fluid intake is the six to eight hours we spend sleeping. Sleeping is hardly the kind of activity that you sweat over, but that doesn’t mean you’re not losing water during the night. With every somnolent breath, you expel moisture, and the cumulative effect of a night’s sleep is to dry out.*

Ideally, it’s best to drink water soon after waking up. Alternatively, the next best option is to make frequent visits to the water cooler at work.

Drinking water from an AquAid water dispenser does more than just enliven you. It literally creates the implementation of sustainable water supply projects for millions of people who don’t have access to any water. So, not only will you feel like quite the bright spark each time you replenish your water from your water cooler, but also you’ll retain the knowledge that maintaining your hydration is helping others. No Dr. Frankenstein tactics required!

*source: article by Joshua Gowin Ph.D. at Psychology Today