Water Cooler Health: Taking care of your hands

Water Cooler Health: Taking care of your hands

As we are all no doubt aware, washing our hands repeatedly and thoroughly is of paramount importance in ensuring one’s safety and health. If you are still unaware of this vital act of self-care and care of others, there is a definitive video on the NHS website.

There are also a number of video clips across social media, some accompanied by songs or suggestions for songs to sing while you spend at least 20 seconds washing your hands properly. This can only help create interest especially if you need to illustrate to children how to wash their hands regularly. For the adults, we quite like these suggestions by tweeter Jen Monnier.

Of course, with all this hand washing, we still need to ensure that we protect our skin too, so we’ve compiled a list of suggestions on how to protect your hands before and after washing:

  • Try to avoid rubbing your hands dry. Rather pat them dry. The best option is air dry; however, this may take some time especially in cold weather.
  • According to the CDC, washing your hands in cold water is as effective as in hot water, so to further lessen harming your skin as well as reducing skin irritation, wash your hands in cold water.
  • If possible, rather use a hand cream instead of a body lotion.
  • Remember to sanitise the container of whichever cream or lotion you’re using before opening it to apply cream or lotion. To simplify this procedure, try to make sure that you have a lotion that only you use.
  • It’s also worthwhile to keep in mind that moisturising our skin begins internally (read more about that here) so while you take care to moisturise your hands post washing it’s just as important to make sure that you maintain good drinking water habits. Drinking water remains one of the best methods of keeping yourself healthy and better able to stave off possible infection.
Water Cooler Wisdom – Practical Work at Home Tips

Water Cooler Wisdom – Practical Work at Home Tips

If you’re used to the buzz and busy of the office, school or workspace, adjusting to working from home can take some getting used to. Here are a few practical tips guaranteed to keep the productivity up and you on track:

Tidy up your home – you wouldn’t work in an untidy environment elsewhere so it should be the same at home.

Don’t work from your bed on your laptop. That route is a guaranteed non-starter.

Dress as if you’re off to work. No pj’s at your desk.

Create a defined workspace, if possible in a separate room and if you aren’t home alone, close the door.

Get up as early as you would have if you were still commuting to work. Use that commute time (unless you’re under quarantine) to go for a walk. The exercise and fresh air will contribute to your feeling of well-being and being prepared for the day ahead.

If you have pets that enjoy walks, walk them – they will benefit from the exercise as much as you will.

Invest in a decent chair (or borrow yours from the office if permitted).

If your type of work allows and/or your family/children are home, wear headphones.

Make sure your family and friends understand you are working, so no popping in during working hours.

Don’t snack at your ‘desk’.  Eat proper meals at designated times away from your work area.

As always, maintain good hydration habits. Although you may not have the convenience of water cooler breaks at home, make sure that you replenish your water as often as you would at work. Good hydration habits can only contribute to your health and well-being.

Set a schedule and stick to it.

Unless you work in social media, stay off it. That said, there’s no harm in creating an online work community so you are all still connected.

Do not switch on the telly. I repeat, do not switch on the telly.

March is in (a) Hot Water (Boiler)

March is in (a) Hot Water (Boiler)

Now that March has arrived, it would be nice to believe that spring isn’t too far off (and it isn’t that far as the new season arrives officially on the 20th of March).

As we Britons are used to radical weather patterns whatever the season, it’s no surprise that the topic remains at the forefront of our communication. Whether (ha) we’re topping up our water at the water cooler station at work i.e. chatting to colleagues (not the water cooler, although should you wish to, please, feel free – even a water cooler can benefit from some attention) or chatting with family or friends or indeed, speaking to strangers.

Irrespective of our opinion about the topic of the weather, there is no denying it has a huge impact on our behavioural patterns; moods; what we eat; our travel patterns; what we wear and what we drink.

Although we may not think about how different our drinking water patterns are depending on our environment, they very much are. When it’s warmer we tend to exert ourselves more and are always on the lookout for the perfectly chilled water, while come the colder months there’s nothing better than a piping hot drink to stave off the chill. This usually means you are more likely to be on the lookout for a hot water boiler that can dispense a constant supply of hot water throughout the day.

If you’re prone to drink more water when it’s warm and less when it’s cold – a gentle reminder that you’re just as likely to become dehydrated in winter as you are in summer, so remember, whatever the weather, make sure to have AquAid address all your hot & cold water cooler requirements. We are always happy to help.

Watercooler friendly Topics

Watercooler friendly Topics

While the weather seems determined to keep our pursuits indoors for the foreseeable future, it may be time to refresh suitable topics of conversation to chat about while you’re on a break out at your water cooler station with your colleagues.

Tech: comparing notes about the latest upgrade of your mobile – the eternal question, iPhone or Android – acceptable. A 20-minute stand-off insisting that your brand of tech is better than that of your colleague’s – less acceptable. Plus, raising your blood pressure when you’re supposed to be upping your hydration levels is counter-intuitive.

Architecture: Always a good option. Irrespective of the periods: from the majesty of St. Pauls or the stalwart croft dwellings of the Outer Hebrides, architecture is always a good reminder of how nation building is achieved.

Health & Fitness: Can be tricky, especially if a person is prone to boasting about their weight-lifting prowess or how their bodies were made for Aerial Fabrics however, it can also introduce a more sedentary colleague to a new form of exercise that they may not previously have considered.

International sporting events: Only if you are all rooting for Team GB or any competitor representing the UK.

Media: Again, potentially iffy. Whereas you and a few stalwarts may find it fascinating to give minute by minute examples of why the last season of Game of Thrones was so awful, this may not appeal to everyone and there will be (unbelievably) many who have no idea about the series …’Winter is what?’ Try keeping it more inclusionary – ‘Garden Rescue’ or ‘The Great British Bake Off’ are usually safe bets.

Now that you’ve hit topic refresh on your refresh your drinking water intake time, why not make a beeline to your office water cooler and try out a new topic of discussion about any of the above? At worst you will be upping your hydration levels and at best increasing your knowledge and exercising your brain in a most pleasant and engaging manner.


The 14th of February at AquAid Water Coolers (Or, the fool proof method to win at Valentine’s)

The 14th of February at AquAid Water Coolers (Or, the fool proof method to win at Valentine’s)

There’s no doubt the day can instil an equal amount of horror and dread in many, so for Valentine’s this year, we have come up with an (almost) fool-proof plan that will not only be kind to your pocket but will also make your intended view you in a more rosy coloured light.

What is this trickery you may well ask? What cunning plan is percolating at AquAid?

As with most successful concepts, the trick(ery) is in the simplicity. So, without further ado we present our ‘How to (almost) guarantee a good reaction from your intended romantic target’:

Drink water more.

Before you leave the page in disbelief, allow us to elaborate:

Your skin is an organ. As with all your body’s organs, in order to function at its best, your skin requires water.

Reduce puffiness. Our skin will swell most often because of water retention, usually due to dehydration, where the body retains water to protect itself. Unless you’re aiming for the sympathy vote, puffy does not equate to attractive.

Dry, itchy, flaky skin can indicate a lack of hydration.  It’s always good practise to keep our skin washed and clean, but without feeding our skin internally by drinking enough water, it is unlikely that the skin’s appearance will improve.

Reduces sagging skin and wrinkles.  Drinking more water helps tighten your skin, as it provides more elasticity and the ability to bounce back from sagging.

Conclusion: when you hydrate properly, your skin plumps up and becomes smoother and brighter.

The final bonus to this amazing plan is how easy it is to action, especially if you have an AquAid Water Cooler installed at your work place.

Include a visit to your water cooler station when you are taking that much needed break.

Replenish your drinking water often.

If straight H2O is a little too much to contemplate, not to worry – your AquAid hot water dispenser will keep you filled to the brim with whatever hot water drink you might fancy.

In addition, in no time at all, you will be smooth skinned, clear-eyed and bursting with good energy – just in time for your intended to take note of how truly gorgeous you are!

You can lead a Horse to Water … but can you lead a Human to the Water Cooler?

You can lead a Horse to Water … but can you lead a Human to the Water Cooler?

As you no doubt already know, the full proverb reads like this:

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

Meaning: People, like horses, will only do what they have a mind to do.

It would seem that water replenishment is an integral part of life, even in philosophy.

Comparing equine and human minds may seem a bit of a stretch, however, if we really think about it – how often is it that we know full well that our brain and body requires hydration, but we invent a plethora of excuses to not take that 5 minute rest break to visit the water cooler and replenish our drinking water? Probably far too often.

I would go so far as to say that human beings, with our busy lives, over complicate the simplest necessity and we invent a number of reasons to not adequately hydrate, whereas all other species trust their instinct and drink water the minute they require it.

The solution perhaps, is to simplify matters all things water.

That’s where AquAid comes in. With 22 years’ experience in delivering our very best in sales, products and service, you can rely on us to provide the right water dispensers to fulfil your refreshing water requirements.

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