We all know that drinking water is essential to our wellbeing and that without it, our bodies would cease to function properly; which is one of the many reasons why regular trips to your water cooler are so important. But what exactly are some of the bodily functions governed by water? Here are just a few of those life-sustaining operations:

  • Water helps to regulate our body temperature – when we’re hot we perspire and the evaporation of water from our skin surface helps to cool our body. Just think back to our recent heat wave and how much moisture your body lost trying to keep itself cool.
  • Water helps to moisten tissues such as those found in our mouth, eyes and nose – think saliva, tears and mucous, all of which play a very important role in homeostasis. This is especially important when you’re in an air conditioned office which can dry out your skin.
  • Water helps to lubricate and cushion our joints – not only that, but water allows waste products to move out of our joints allowing them to function optimally. This is especially vital to remember with strenuous exercise as lactic acid can build up and additional water is needed to flush it out of our systems.
  • Water helps to keep our bowel movements regular – not something you would normally associate with your water cooler, but those extra glasses of water help the food we eat to move along our intestines. If we’re dehydrated the large intestine soaks up much-needed water from our food waste which results in harder stools and ultimately constipation.
  • Water helps our kidneys and liver work smarter – being dehydrated puts an extra burden on these organs which means they are less effective in flushing out waste products resulting in toxin build-up.
  • Water is also the carrier of nutrients and oxygen to our cells – white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets are all suspended in plasma which is 92 percent water. Without water acting as a delivery service, most of our cells would clog up with waste and the consequences would be dire.

And there you have it, only a few of the life-sustaining bodily functions facilitated by the ‘matrix of life’ – water. For all your water cooler needs, be sure to contact AquAid Water Coolers today.