Yes, yes, I know we blather on about water conservation and that the long, hot summer (‘tun tun de dun’ – Style Council) has passed us by, but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t maintain water saving ways throughout the year. Hopefully, if we teach ourselves and our families these rather nifty ways, the benefits will be with us for generations to come.

  1. Bedtime drinks for you = morning watering for plants – A night-time glass of water is a healthy habit and in the morning you can use the left over water to top up your house plants or throw it on your shrubs, good for you, good for the plants, good for your wallet and good for the environment
  2. When filling the bath put the plug in immediately and adjust the temperature as it fills rather than waiting to get the water coming out of the tap to the right temperature.
  3. Bathe young children together.
  4. Steam vegetables instead of boiling. They will be more nutritious and you will use less water and less electricity or gas to cook them.
  5. Rake and aerate the lawn every year so that water gets down to the roots of the grass instead of sitting on a hard matted surface and evaporating off.
  6. Fit a pistol grip nozzle on your hose pipe so water only comes out where and when you need it.
  7. Insulating your pipes can stop bursts in the winter; will cut your hot water bill and means that you get hot and cold water from the tap much faster.
  8. Rinse your razor in the sink – Put a bit of water in the sink to rinse you razor rather than using a running tap.
  9. Don’t waste the water from your veg – Water used to boil veg can be used for gravy or soup, or once cool, can add nutrients to your pot plants.
  10. Fill the kettle whilst you wait – Sometimes you have to run the tap to get hot or cold water (lagging might cut the wait time). Use this water to fill your kettle or keep a watering can by the sink for houseplants.
  11. Mulch, mulch, mulch – Mulching helps keep soil moist, it reduces evaporation by up to 75% and it adds organic matter to the soil. You can make your own using leaf litter or bark.

From our side, we take a 3-pronged approach (actually there are more ‘prongs’, but all good things and all that):

  • Keeping you happy, healthy and hydrated by making drinking water available to you at the press of a button;
  • Ensuring that the water that we deliver to you and replenish is from a good source and;
  • Keeping it as local as we can – meaning that you should be able to find an AquAid branch close to you out of 32 branches available nationally