The weather is dreadful at the moment, and if you’re so cold that you feel like you’re caught in a snow tunnel, the last thing you’ll want to do is take a meander over to the water cooler and fill up your glass with something cold. While this might be understandable, it’s not advisable. Despite the cold, our bodies still require proper hydration – and there are other ways of maintaining your water intake during the cold winter months.

Keep it top of mind – if you make a conscious effort to remain properly hydrated and perhaps add it to your to-do list or schedule reminders, it’s easier to keep on top of it.

Go for the hot – teas and coffees do count towards your daily water quota, but it shouldn’t be your only source of water. Try to supplement with green teas if you can – they offer many health benefits in addition to aiding hydration.

Room temperature works – ice cold water is not very inviting at this time of the year, so fill your bottle at the water cooler early morning and let it stand out and reach room temperature, making it much easier to drink.

Keep it visible – out of sight, out of mind is the old adage, so be sure that however you choose to go about drinking your daily water, it’s something that’s nearby and visible.

Soup up – an excellent way of getting in more liquid, and definitely very welcome in winter, is to up your soup intake. Have a bowl for lunch and try to have a bowl in the evenings too if you can before your main meal.

Eat your water – if you’re struggling to drink as much water as is necessary, then try to eat more of it. By including extra fruit, tomatoes, cauliflower and squash in your diet you automatically increase your hydration levels.

Avoid too much salt – and last but not least, try to reduce the amount of sodium in your diet. This doesn’t only refer to the salt you add to your food, but also certain food types like processed foods. Ultimately too much salt can cause dehydration which would render your other efforts wasted.