What makes water so special that we are told from a very young age to drink eight glasses a day? Is it really that important to keep hydrated and to drink enough water every single day?

The simple answer is yes, we do need to drink enough water each day. The reasons for this is that water makes up the biggest component of our entire body.

Water is the life source that keeps our bodies alive as it is essential to every function that our bodies need to perform. Our brains consist of over 80% water and even the slightest reduction of water in our bodies can cause the brain to start slowing down and to start struggling.

Tests have shown that a 2% decrease in body fluids or water can lead to a reduction of brain functionality. This intern leads to coordination and physical problems like fatigue and muscle cramping. It is for that reason that children need to drink more water each day than adults do. A 2% loss of fluids in children is a very small amount and the way most children run around and play it is very easy for them to get to that point of dehydration in no time at all.

Many schools are installing water coolers to ensure that their students and teachers have easy access to fresh, clean, cool and safe drinking water whenever they need it. A well hydrated child will be smarter, healthier and fitter than a child who is not getting enough water each day.

Teachers are encouraging children to keep water bottles with them at all times to ensure that they stay correctly hydrated and healthy.

Other great benefits of drinking enough water for children and adults alike are that it aids our bodies in flushing out unwanted toxins and chemicals stored in our bodies. This leads to better health, better skin and much more longevity.