Mains Fed Water Coolers

AquAid’s mains-fed water cooler product range

Enjoy unlimited, filtered water that refreshes you any-time you desire.

Floor Standing Mains Fed Water Cooler
Floor standing mains fed water dispensers available in Cool/Cold and Hot/Cold.
High Capacity Point-of-use Water Cooler
Higher Capacity mains dispensers for heavier use with optional UV.
What Our Customers Say

“Overall, we’re satisfied with the products and service that we receive from AquAid. They provide a really good, all round and caring service and whenever I call for advice or assistance, the response is immediate and effective.”

AquAid 400x Floor Standing Mains Fed
Modern Mains Fed Water Cooler with Integral Cup Dispenser.
AquAid 400x Desktop Water Cooler

Elegant water dispenser with Cup Dispenser.

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AquAid Fusion Floor Standing Mains FedFree-standing_Mains-fed_Fusion

Ultra Stylish and Innovative Boiling and Chilled Water Cooler

AquAid Fusion Desktop Mains FedDesk-top_Mains-fed_Fusion

The future is in fusion: a new, cost reducing  desktop mains fed.

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AquAid Orio Desktop Water CoolerAquAid Orio floor standing water cooler

Elegant, Stylish Mins Fed Water Dispenser with push buttons. More Info

AquAid Orio Desktop CoolerAquAid Orio Desktop Mains fed
Combination of great features and space saving design.

AquAid DDesktop Mains Fed Water Cooleresktop Water Cooler

Mains fed water dispensers that fit on a desk, reducing space.More Info

BlueAquAid H-DUO Mains Fed
Stylish and comes in a range of colours to suit and decor

AquAid Titan Mains Fedtitan-free-standing

Prestigious Free standing water coolers with touch panel control and integrated cup dispenser. More Info

AquAid Titan DesktopAquAid-Titan-desktop

Sturdy construction with auto-lit dispensing area. Touch Panel control. More Info

Mains water coolers

To help bring those costs down, AquAid offers 3 mains water coolers which provide high quality water and a more cost-effective solution. The average bottled water customer could save up to 70% by switching to one of these mains-fed cold water machines.

Cold water machines

Connected to your existing mains pipe, these cold water machines use a unique high quality filtration system. Research shows that once it’s been chilled and filtered in this way, the taste and quality is equal to that of bottled water.

Plumbed In water dispenser services

Not only do these cold water machines offer quality at good value, installing and maintaining them couldn’t be simpler as our trained engineers take care of all installations and ongoing maintenance.

Don’t just take our word for it there are now more than 10,000 machines in use across the UK.

Did you know? Government department in charge of bottled water in Northern Ireland considering banning bottled water – plumbed in water coolers are the best alternative. Read the full story.