1) It’s environmentally friendly

Because instant taps and mains fed water coolers are bottleless, there is no need for bottle deliveries which means fewer trucks on the road thereby conserving fuel, minimizing carbon emissions and reducing our carbon footprint.

2) It’s limitless

Because the water comes from your main water supply it means you can’t ever run out of water. There’s no need to wait for the next water delivery, because with instant taps and mains fed water coolers there will always be a constant supply of healthy and safely-filtered drinking water on tap.

3) It’s hygienic

Although your water cooler is attached to your main water supply, it doesn’t mean you’ll be drinking water directly from the tap. We all know that our tap water contains various chemicals, but with our bottleless water coolers your water passes through a highly-advanced filtration system first to provide you with the safest drinking water possible.

4) It’s convenient

Because there are no bulky water bottles, there is no longer a need to find storage space. Our instant taps and mains fed water coolers are all sleek and compact, taking up less space than before. And because there are no water bottle deliveries, the admin process is vastly simplified.

5) It’s socially responsible

By choosing AquAid you not only take care of your own water needs, but you also help impoverished communities, because a percentage of sales is automatically donated to The Africa Trust and Christian Aid who help bring safe drinking water to some of Africa’s poorest people.

Five very good reasons to switch to instant taps and mains fed water coolers. Also remember that if you prefer to stay with bottled water coolers, AquAid offer a refillable 19ltr bottle which is reused between 30 and 35 times, so this is also a more environmentally friendly option. Whatever your water needs may be, AquAid have the solution.