AquAid’s Hot & Chilled Water Dispensers, Water Boilers and Instant Taps – Giving You More

AquAid’s Hot & Chilled Water Dispensers, Water Boilers and Instant Taps – Giving You More

Recently on social media, we posted about how the demand for drinking water changes depending on the seasons.

With this top of mind, we thought to increase awareness about the wide range of water dispensers AquAid supply, thereby meeting all drinking water needs and requirements.

Aside from the recent introduction of our range of Touch-Free water dispensers that offer even more hygienic safety features, AquAid also offer a wide selection of high quality hot & chilled water dispensers, hot water boilers and Instant Taps.

Hot & Cold Water Dispensers like the AQ Max Desktop.  This elegant and compact workhorse is the ideal solution if you are short on space but want to enjoy the cost-saving benefits of a plumbed-in water dispenser.

Despite its compact size, this machine is well suited for installation in areas where there is a medium to high demand for chilled & hot drinking water.

AquAid’s range of Hot Water Boilers, such as the Eco LargeFlow, offers the perfect combination of reduced usage costs and energy efficiency whilst delivering a rapid draw of piping hot water and is suited to any medium to large home or office workspace.

A stylish, space saving constant supply of hot drinking water makes the AquAid Instant Tap ideal for installation in (staff) kitchens and breakout areas. With an elegant tap system, that dispenses boiling and ambient water at the touch of a button, with the water boiler unit discreetly installed underneath the worktop, this hot water tap provides a limitless supply of boiling water.

Visit our website to browse our selection.

Simple Water Cooler Warm-Ups while the weather is dreary

Simple Water Cooler Warm-Ups while the weather is dreary

The first one is easy: Not only do AquAid supply a wide range of high quality water coolers, dispensing chilled or ambient drinking water, we also offer a range of hot and cold water dispensers, hot water boilers as well as our stylish, space saving Instant Taps.

What’s even more (heart)warming, is that for every Mains Fed/Plumbed-in water dispenser AquAid install, a portion of that sale is donated to charities that we support.  These donations are used to fund life-saving clean water delivery projects for communities in need.  A method guaranteed to warm you up as you sip your hot drink.

Bake something. We may not all qualify as contestants for events such as The Great British Bake Off, but that doesn’t matter – baking is a guaranteed method to warm your environment – also eating hot food raises your body temperature somewhat.

Wear a hat. Although it’s been disproved, we can’t negate the fact that covering your head while outside certainly feels warmer than leaving your extremities bare. In addition, some hats look great – you never know – you could start a trend.  Note: Fascinators don’t count.

Exercise. Sure-footed and steady wins the race! Or at least keeps you mobile while you negotiate ice and slush covered pavements. Although higher impact, cardio-vascular exercise is a great health benefit, it is sometimes better to take exercise that produces a slow burn – it may make for a longer lasting raised core temperature, which will keep you warm and toasty as you move between in and outdoors.

A Poem for Mornings

A Poem for Mornings

“Coffee, coffee, coffee,


Coffee, coffee.

Everyone shut up.


Our office loves coffee, and I don’t mean your garden variety kind of love affair with coffee, I mean your ‘until death us do part’ kind of passion, so we’re constantly at our instant taps brewing up another cup. We realise not everyone might be as infatuated with our favourite drink as we are, but to show we’re not alone in our adoration, here are a few interesting facts from the British Coffee Association.

  • Coffee is the most popular drink worldwide with around two billion cups consumed every day.
  • In the UK, we now drink approximately 95 million cups of coffee per day
  • For an average cup of coffee consumed in the UK, up to 76% of its value is estimated to be produced in the UK
  • The coffee industry creates over 210,000 UK jobs
  • The Gross Value-Added contribution from the UK coffee industry to the economy is estimated to be £9.1 billion, whilst output contribution, including indirect and induced multiplier impacts, of £17.7 billion in 2017
  • 80% of UK households buy instant coffee for in-home consumption, particularly those aged 65 and older
  • Ground coffee and single-serve coffee pods are becoming increasingly popular, particularly amongst Millennials (aged 16 – 34) who account for 16% of all buyers.
  • On the high street, café culture has also continued to boom, 80% of people who visit coffee shops do so at least once a week, whilst 16% of us visit on a daily basis

If you like the world’s most popular drink as much as we do, then you need to ensure you have instant taps installed in your canteen or breakout area – having hot water instantly at the ready is essential for us coffee-holics. Besides which, studies show that taking regular breaks also boosts energy, concentration and motivation so if you combine that with a cup of coffee, your Afternoon Poem may very well read:

“Coffee, coffee, coffee,


Coffee, coffee.

We love you all.


Water Cooler Chuckles

Water Cooler Chuckles

We’re all in need of a good laugh sometimes, and there’s never a better time to share a good joke or chuckle than when we’re gathered around the water cooler or waiting in line to use the instant taps in our breakout area for that much needed cup of coffee.

When they say ‘laughter is the best medicine’ – they actually mean it. ‘Study after study has pointed to the health benefits of laughter: Research from Loma Linda University showed that laughing improved the memory of adults in their 60s and 70s; University of Maryland School of Medicine researchers found that hilarious movies improved the function of blood vessels and increased blood flow in a group of 20 thirty-somethings. And other research has shown that laughing can improve immunity, help regulate blood sugar levels, and improve sleep.’

Laughter definitely lifts our spirits and whatever makes us positive, generally also makes us more productive, so the next time you’re at the water cooler grabbing your glass of water or busy with your caffeine fix, here are 5 of our favourite, safe-for-work, delightfully silly jokes to bring a little joy into everyone’s day.

  1. Yesterday I saw a guy spill all his Scrabble letters on the road. I asked him, ‘What’s the word on the street?’
  2. What’s the best thing about Switzerland? I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.
  3. Hear about the new restaurant called Karma? There’s no menu: You get what you deserve.
  4. A man tells his doctor, ‘Doc, help me. I’m addicted to Twitter!’ The doctor replies, ‘Sorry, I don’t follow you …’
  5. A German walks into a bar and asks for a martini. The bartender asks, ‘dry?’ The German replies, ‘nein, just one.’

Okay, so they’re definitely not going to win any awards, but I’ll bet they brought a goofy smile to your face none the less, which is another interesting fact about laughter – it’s contagious. ‘When you see people laughing, you just can’t help but smile, right? That’s because your brain makes it nearly impossible not to. That’s the result of research from the lab of Sophie Scott, a neuroscientist at University College London. When she monitored subjects’ brains while she played laughing sounds, she found that the premotor cortical region of the brain, which prepares the muscles in the face to move, was activated.’

So go ahead and share silly, funny moments – make that office water cooler chat a positive experience for everyone and spread the joy!

Source: Reader’s Digest

Eat Your Water

Eat Your Water

The weather is still pretty grim and as much as frequent visits to your office’s instant taps or water cooler might help you stay hydrated, it can be a little challenging to keep drinking that much liquid during the cold winter months; so another option is to up your intake of water-rich fruit and vegetables!

Not only does certain produce help with water intake, but fruit and vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories, and they’re an important source of many nutrients including potassium, fiber, folic acid, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. These nutrients help our bodies maintain healthy blood pressure, reduce blood cholesterol levels, regulate our bowel movements, aid healthy fetal development in women, and protect against various infections – the benefits are endless. For all this, in addition to aiding hydration, it’s easy to see why we should include more of this food type in our diets.

So, if you’re struggling to drink those eight glasses of water each day from the water cooler, consider eating more of the following – in order of highest water content:


Watermelon holds the highest percentage of water at 92%, followed by Strawberries 92%, Grapefruit 91%, Cantaloupe 90%, Peach 88%, Raspberries 87%, Pineapple 87%, Cranberries 87%, Orange 87%, Apricot 86%, Blueberries 85%, Plum 85%, Pear 84%, Apple 84%, Cherries 81%, Grapes 81% and Banana 74%.


Cucumber holds the highest percentage of water at 96%, Lettuce (iceberg) 96%, Zucchini 95%, Celery 95%, Radish 95%, Tomato (red) 94%, Cabbage (green) 93%, Tomato (green) 93%, Cabbage (red) 92%, Cauliflower 92%, Peppers (sweet) 92%, Spinach 92%, Eggplant 92%, Broccoli 91%, Carrots 87%, Peas (green) 79% and Potato (white) 79%.

Whether it’s a fruit salad you bring along to the office, or perhaps a home-made soup, be sure to include more of these in your diet and then you won’t need to visit the water cooler dispenser quite that often in the chilly months.

Instant Taps & Winter Water

Instant Taps & Winter Water

In less than two weeks winter will officially begin in the UK and while reclining in a warm sunny garden, cold drink in hand, might now be a distant memory, what we shouldn’t change is the drink in hand bit. The weather might have changed, but our basic bodily functions haven’t and we still need our daily intake of drinking water to ensure optimal health. That said, it’s not as easy to drink water in the colder weather and while pure water remains the healthiest of options, all liquids – with the exception of alcohol – do count towards your daily requirements. So, it’s a good idea to try and experiment with a variety of warm and tasty herbal teas to ensure your healthy liquid intake remains high.

While a water cooler will always be a necessity in the office, it’s at this point that water boilers and instant taps in staff kitchens or breakout areas became very handy. When it’s chilly and we’re all wanting a hot cup of something to warm us up, it can be very frustrating waiting in line for a kettle to boil. But with hot water taps there is a limitless supply of boiling water, ready at just the touch of a button. It’s the perfect opportunity to sample your way through a wild variety of herbal teas that not only hydrate you, but offer a host of other medicinal benefits too.

Peppermint tea

It can help relieve abdominal gas and bloating as well as relieve muscle spasms. It can also be used for nausea, heating up the body and making you sweat.

Ginger tea

Great in aiding digestion, it can curb nausea, vomiting or help settle an upset stomach. Adding lemon and honey can help your body fight off colds and flu, plus the honey’s powerful antioxidants can help eliminate free radicals.

Chamomile tea

Very helpful for insomnia, it has a gentle calming and sedative effect. It is also recommended for use with a cold or fever, and when used as a gargle it can help with inflammation of the mouth.

Rooibos tea

It is high in vitamin C and has many antioxidant properties which can help strengthen your immune system – it is also recommended as a topical treatment for skin irritations such as eczema.

Lemon balm tea

It can help lift your mood and is also said to help improve concentration.

Milk thistle and dandelion tea

Known as a gentle liver cleanser, it can help the liver regenerate and function more optimally. As with ginger, it too can aid digestion.

Rosehip tea

An excellent source of vitamin C, it can also help optimize your skin and tissue health, adrenal function and immune system.