Having a water cooler in your office or home is fast becoming the norm. For many, the fact that it produces water is good enough, but why not get the most out of your water cooler and ensure that your money spent is money well spent. Here are 5 water cooler essentials that will turn your water cooler into a welcome addition.


Your water cooler should be seen by all as a reminder to keep hydrated. Ensure that it is in an area that is walked past regularly. The water cooler offers a place for social interaction which allows staff members a respite from sitting at their desks all day long. A quick 3 minute break and a refreshing drink can do wonders to one’s concentration levels and keeps an employee working at an optimal level.


Water coolers are a convenient way to offer clean filtered water in offices, gyms, homes etc. It is important to keep your water cooler clean and prevent germs and unwanted growths from occurring in these moist environments. Having your machine sanitized on a regular basis by trained professionals is paramount to ensuring that your machine performs at its very best. Keeping you water cooler clean will ensure all those that benefit from it will be free from germs and dangerous bacteria.


We all love a bit of accessorizing so why not do the same for your water cooler. Liven up your dispenser by attaching optics that holds natural flavours. We are all aware of the benefits of drinking water but some may require encouragement by enhancing the flavour of the water. The water cooler is a great place to put your notice board or advertisements.


There is no point having a machine that dispensers water but offers no way of drinking it. Make sure you have cups within arm’s reach of your dispenser.


Having a water cooler with no water is a bit like having champagne without bubbles. Having a reliable supplier that that offers dedicated service means you, as a customer, will stay happy and satisfied at all times.