New feature online at AquAid – Place an Order / Book an Engineer

New feature online at AquAid – Place an Order / Book an Engineer

When we see the most recent statistics of how many people in the UK make use of the internet, these figures probably won’t come as any surprise. What may be surprising though are the demographics of online use.

According to a statistical bulletin from the Office of National Statistics:

  • In Quarter 1 (Jan to Mar) 2017, 89% of adults in the UK had recently used the internet (in the last 3 months), up from 88% in 2016; while 9% had never used the internet, down from 10% in 2016.
  • Virtually all adults aged 16 to 34 years were recent internet users (99%), in contrast with 41% of adults aged 75 years and over.
  • 90% of men and 88% of women were recent internet users, up from 89% and 86% in 2016.
  • Recent internet use among women aged 75 and over had almost trebled from 2011.
  • Northern Ireland is catching up with the other UK regions in recent internet use, reaching 84% in 2017; however, it remained the region with the lowest recent use.

At AquAid, we believe it’s of paramount importance to be at the forefront in being able to offer our customers easy access to our wide range of water coolers, water related products and water services.

In view of this, we developed a website some 12 years ago, which we’ve constantly striven to keep as user friendly and informative as possible.  In keeping with this philosophy we launched a new website in January 2017, introducing a cleaner, more modern look whilst also incorporating a significantly more user-friendly operation.

Looking at the above stats and considering the marked increase in online queries we receive on a daily basis, this has definitely been of benefit to both our customers and ourselves.

Based on the successes brought about since the launch of our new website, we’ve looked at a number of customer-centric options.  The most recent addition is the new Place an Order / Book an Engineer feature.

Should you wish to contact us online, whether you have a query or enquiry, require information or would like to order a water cooler, order your bottled water or book a service, all you need to do is simply click on the Place an Order / Book an Engineer button at the AquAid website, fill in your information, press send and we’ll take it from there

Hot Water Taps Save 119 Hours & £1,638 per Annum

Hot Water Taps Save 119 Hours & £1,638 per Annum

Want to know how your business can save 119 hours and £1,638 in wasted productivity every year?

Read on …

How many cups of tea or coffee do we drink at work?

  • There are 65,64 million people in the UK
  • Each day 165 million cups of tea and 70 million cups of coffee are consumed – that’s an average of 4 cups per person per day
  • Let’s assume the average person (Jane/Joe) drinks one cup at home and three cups at the office
  • Let’s also assume that Jane/Joe is working in a micro-sized business of 9 employees and that when they make tea or coffee for themselves, they also do so for another 2 employees in the office

How much time do we waste waiting for a kettle to boil?

  • It takes 3 minutes for a kettle to boil – that’s 3 minutes Jane/Joe wastes every day waiting for hot water for the three cups of tea or coffee they’re wanting to make, assuming Jane/Joe and the two colleagues take it in turn to make drinks
  • If we work an average of 22 days per month – that’s 66 minutes wasted in the month and 792 minutes or just over 13 hours wasted per year
  • If the average working day is 8 hours long, it means we waste more than 1.5 working days per year waiting for that kettle
  • And that’s just for one Jane or Joe

Want to add a monetary value to that time wasted?

  • The average wage in the UK is £13.94 per hour – that’s 23 pence per minute, without employers NI contributions of around 13 percent
  • If Jane/Joe wastes 792 minutes per year waiting for water to boil it equates to £182 lost in productivity
  • Again, just for one Jane or Joe

Want to know how much that actually impacts on you as a business owner?

  • There are 5.7 million small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK, which makes up 99% of all businesses
  • SMEs can be broken down into micro business owners (the vast majority of SMEs) who employ 0-9 employees; small business owners who employ up to 49 employees; and medium business owners who employ up to 249 employees
  • If you are a micro business owner:

That’s a £1,638 and 119 hours (or 15 working days) loss in productivity per annum waiting for a kettle to boil

  • If you are a small business owner:

That’s a £8,918 and 647 hours (or 81 working days) loss in productivity per annum waiting for a kettle to boil

  • If you are a medium business owner:

That’s a £45,318 and 3,287 hours (or 411 working days) loss in productivity per annum waiting for a kettle to boil

Hot water taps provide instantly ready boiling water, no wasted time waiting for a kettle to boil – can your business afford to be without one?


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Instant Taps Aid Productivity

Instant Taps Aid Productivity

Many studies have examined the varying effects of dehydration on performance. Apart from the obvious fact that our bodies need water to survive, all studies unequivocally prove that dehydration negatively affects mood, cognitive performance, mental recall, and therefore productivity. The law stipulates that there needs to be easily accessible drinking water at any place of work. Responsible employers provide this in the form of water coolers, water boilers or hot water taps for health and safety reasons, but an added benefit is that hydration aids productivity which is always good for business.

While we are all familiar with the well-documented, adverse effects of dehydration, we turn to another study which takes a more positive approach – rather than withhold water, what happens when we give water? In their paper entitled Effects of hydration status on cognitive performance and mood, Masento and Reekum looked at studies across a variety of different subject groups to ascertain if water intervention improved performance.

Drinking water improves visual sustained attention

Young adults were given varying amounts of water and then asked to complete a rapid visual information-processing task. The researchers found that the group receiving the most water (330ml) performed the best while the group that received no water performed the worst. Across a number of studies, where the experimental design and also the amounts of water given were changed, the result remained the same – water consumption improves the cognitive function of visual sustained attention.

Drinking water improves simple reaction time

Adults were asked to rate their thirst levels, they were then assigned to a nil-water or water group and asked to perform a simple reaction time task. Those subjects who’d identified themselves as thirsty and were in the nil-water group performed significantly worse than their counterparts. Not only did the study show that drinking water improved simple reaction time, it also showed the importance of baseline hydration levels – those participants who were thirsty at the start of the experiment were potentially mildly dehydrated which already slowed reaction time.

Drinking water improves mood

Young adults were randomly assigned to nil-water and water supplementation groups, and then asked to complete a range of cognitive tasks and mood ratings. In the groups that were given water, their mood ratings were improved – they reported feeling calmer and more alert immediately after drinking the water.

It’s clear to see that water intervention enhances performance, and as improving productivity is essential in the workplace, it’s also clear to see why water dispensers are crucial to the office set-up. At AquAid we have a wide range of water coolers to choose from, but if you’re in the process of updating your current breakout area or refreshment point, consider installing AquAid Instant Taps. Hot water taps can provide instantly ready boiling, ambient or chilled water at the touch of a button; they are also stylish, compact, efficient and cost-effective. If you want to increase productivity in your office, contact AquAid today – we will help you find the best water solution for your needs.

Hot Water Taps 101

Hot Water Taps 101

Instant Taps are fast becoming the sought-after water solution for many offices, hotels and conferencing venues. If you’re in the process of refurbishing and considering installing hot water taps, read through our Q&A to find out all you need to know about this stylish, compact and cost-effective water dispenser.

Are hot water taps specific to a particular area?

No, Instant Taps can be installed practically anywhere – breakout areas, office kitchens, boardrooms, basically any refreshment point where water is needed; particularly if aesthetics are important as they present a stylish alternative to more traditional water dispensers or boilers.

How are Instant Taps installed?

If you’re trying to free up space around the sink area, hot water taps can be installed into the countertop with its own drain-away tray; or it can be fitted on the edge of the sink or draining board itself, with the boiler or chilling unit discreetly hidden underneath the worktop.

Do you need different taps to satisfy different water requirements?

No, the Instant Tap can dispense boiling and ambient water, and also chilled water if necessary, thereby catering for all your water needs in one elegant solution. Alternatively, if only chilled water is required, the Chill Tap can be installed which dispenses cold water at your preferred temperature.

What is the dispensing capacity?

The Instant Tap can dispense 15 mugs of boiling water instantly and up to 14 litres per hour above 90 °C at the touch of a button; and the Chill Tap has a 10 litre per hour output of perfectly chilled and filtered drinking water.

We’re in a hard water area, is that a problem?

No, Instant Taps can be fitted with a scale management filter that will reduce any limescale issues and comprehensive service plans ensure that any services and repairs are included in the rental agreement so that there are no unexpected costs further down the line.

Are hot water taps more efficient and cost-effective?

Yes, instantly-ready and limitless boiling or chilled filtered water is hugely convenient – the less time people spend waiting the more time they spend being productive. And because hot water taps use less water – kettles are often filled with more water than is needed – they are resource and energy-efficient too.

For any other questions on the range of AquAid Instant Taps and how they can enhance your refreshment points, increase productivity and save you time, energy and money – contact us today. And for a limited time only, AquAid are also offering free installation and three months free rental on all their Instant Taps, so there’s no better time to upgrade.

The Benefits of Instant Hot Water Taps

The Benefits of Instant Hot Water Taps

Instant Taps are growing in popularity and there’s been an increase in demand particularly in office breakout areas and at hotels and conferencing venues where sleek and stylish water-point alternatives are preferred. If you’re in the process of refurbishing or considering making any changes to your current refreshment area, consider the benefits and convenience of these aesthetically pleasing taps.

Versatile & Flexible

Instant Taps are versatile enough to cater for whatever your water needs may be. The AquAid Instant Tap can dispense boiling and ambient water at the touch of a button – it is adaptable to include a chilling system as well, which means that all your water needs can be met in one elegant solution. Alternatively if chilled water is your only requirement, the AquAid Chill Tap can dispense cold water at your preferred temperature. Flexible installation options allow Instant Taps to be fitted with a drain-away tray mounted into a countertop away from the sink, or they can be fitted on the edge of the sink or draining board itself.

Sleek & Compact

Beautifully designed, Instant Taps provide a sleek and stylish alternative to traditional water dispensers and boilers. Perfect for boardrooms, conferencing and refreshment stations, their versatility in terms of being able to dispense boiling, ambient and chilled water all from one tap also means they take up far less space than their traditional counterparts. Sunk into the countertop with the water boiler and/or chilling unit discreetly hidden underneath the worktop, they are compact and space-saving, allowing seamless integration into your office kitchen or breakout area.

Efficient & Cost-Effective

The main advantage of Instant Taps is in the name – it’s instant. The fact that there’s instantly-ready and limitless boiling or chilled filtered water at the ready is hugely convenient, and it saves a great deal of time too. Waiting for a kettle to boil is no longer necessary; everyone can enjoy their drink of choice at the touch of a button, making Instant Taps one of the most efficient additions to any refreshment area. And because hot water taps use less water – typically people fill a kettle with more water than they need – it’s a resource and energy-efficient option too, saving you both time and money.

Versatile and flexible; sleek and compact; efficient and cost-effective – all compelling reasons to install the AquAid Instant Tap or AquAid Chill Tap. Rest assured that whatever your water needs may be, we’ll help find the best solution for your office or organisation.

Welcome to AquAid Surrey

Welcome to AquAid Surrey

Our AquAid Surrey began operating in 1998 and is owned by Richard Hopkins. Based in Chessington, Richard and his team supply an extensive range of innovative and high quality water coolers and dispensers to a broad range of customers in offices, medical centres, colleges and schools in and around the Surrey area. Committed to meeting AquAid’s exacting customer service standards, they pride themselves on the superior service they provide to over 4,000 customers.

Areas Covered:  Chelsea, Chertsey, Chessington, Clapham, Croydon, Fulham, Godalming, Guildford, Hammersmith, Heathrow, Kensington, Kingston, New Malden, Putney, Sutton, Teddington, Twickenham, Wandsworth, Wimbledon, Woking.

AquAid Surrey is located at: Unit 8, Chessington Trade Park, 60 Cox Lane, Surrey, KT9 1TW

Surrey is one of the most fascinating counties of England as these snippets will attest to:

  • Originally an area attached to the Kingdom of the Middle Saxons (Middlesex), the name Surrey itself derives from ‘the southern region’.*
  • The three most popular street names in Surrey are High Street, Church Road and Station Road.*
  • Guildford is named after a ford of golden sand just south of the town – it was dredged in 1760 when the river was deepened to make it navigable for barges up as far as Godalming.*
  • The name Godalming itself, meanwhile, comes from the area belonging to ‘Godhelm’s people’. This Godhelm was, according to local legend, a fierce and bloodthirsty English pagan warrior.*
  • Such was its fame apparently, slips from the Weeping Willow planted by Alexander Pope in his garden at Twickenham were sent to the Empress Catherine of Russia.*
  • In HG Wells’ The War of the Worlds, the sixth Martian invasion cylinder landed in Wimbledon.*

Whether you’re based in Chelsea, Heathrow or Putney, AquAid Surrey are more than equipped to meet all of your water cooler and water related product requirements.  Contact one of their friendly team today.

*sources:  Surrey Life; Information Britain; Express