Spend Wisely Today to Save Tomorrow

Spend Wisely Today to Save Tomorrow

Benjamin Franklin said ‘the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten’ – and his words remain true more than 200 years later. So often people will shop around for an essential item and be lured by the price tag, thinking that they’re making a huge saving, when in actual fact what they’re not taking into account is what the long-term costs of buying ‘cheap’ may be.

A good example is the fact that many stationery or office supplies stores now sell water coolers, bottled water and water cooler care kits. It might seem convenient to shop for all your office supplies in one place, but the decision-making process regarding the quality of a water cooler and the many health and productivity benefits it brings to your employees is very different to the decision-making process required when selecting office paper or printer cartridges – and if you did need assistance with regards to what water solution would be ideal for your office, the chances of the sales person being an expert on water coolers and what would best suit your needs is slim.

Apart from what might seem convenient, people are also often attracted to the price tag – water coolers, bottled water or even hygiene kits may be cheaper at one of these stores, but at this point it’s wise to remember Franklin’s words ‘the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price’. Something that might cost you less today will more than likely cost you more tomorrow.

What happens when the water cooler needs a service or it breaks and needs repairing – have you taken into account the cost of servicing, or exorbitant call out fees and repairs? How about the water bottles – are they reusable and once their life span is complete, do you know if they’re being recycled responsibly by the supplier? And what of the water cleaning kits – are they doing a proper job of sanitising the machine or is the hygiene questionable?

Choosing a reputable supplier like AquAid might seem more expensive initially, but their level of expertise and service is unsurpassed; all costs are included in the rental agreement, so there are no nasty surprises down the road; they care about their carbon footprint so all products are recycled responsibly; they deliver high-quality products at all times; and they are also socially responsible – a percentage of sales is donated to Christian Aid and the Africa Trust. It’s a win-win situation, so spend wisely today and save tomorrow – call AquAid on 0800 772 3003 to find out more.

How does installing a Water Cooler from AquAid benefit you?

How does installing a Water Cooler from AquAid benefit you?

In a market where you may be forgiven thinking that like = like, it’s good to remind ourselves of why having a water cooler from AquAid is really the best idea:

The first benefit almost goes without saying: Whichever AquAid water cooler you choose to have installed in your premises, you will have access to chilled (and hot) drinking water throughout your working day.

The second benefit is that you will be relying on a company that has more than 20 years’ experience in the provision of high quality water coolers, water and water related products.

Reach is the third benefit – with over 22 branches throughout the UK, you will be supplied by a local depot staffed by a team who are familiar with the area and your requirements.

Fourth benefit: Your environment. We’re very cognisant of our carbon footprint. Having a local AquAid means we minimise our footprint by being able to travel shorter distances to deliver your water and service and sanitise your water cooler. We also re-use our water bottles (up to 35x) and then recycle the bottles in a responsible manner. The cups we supply are made from a single type of plastic which means they are much easier to recycle; we are also hard at work encouraging our customers to adopt recycling practices wherever they are in the UK..

The fifth benefit is also one of our most important and one we are most proud of: Since our inception some 20 years ago, Aquaid have partnered with the charities Christian Aid and the Africa Trust.  These donations have enabled these charities to continue with the vital role they play in the lives of millions of people. This is achieved through donating a portion of our sales for each bottle of water delivered and each mains-fed cooler installed. The result of these donations (to date) is in excess of £13,000,000 provided for the implementation of sustainable water projects which have helped more than 5 million people.

Value adds inherent as part of our brand

With each Mains-Fed cooler installed at a school, we provide 100 water refillable water bottles for the children, to help encourage them to keep drinking water.

We also provide hydration awareness posters which clearly and simply illustrate good hydration practices, thereby enabling a healthier, more productive lifestyle, whether at the workplace or at school.

To enjoy all of these (and more) benefits while simply keeping refreshed, don’t delay, contact us at AquAid – we’ll be delighted to assist.

Switch to Instant Taps & Make a Difference to our Environment

Switch to Instant Taps & Make a Difference to our Environment

Earlier this year the European Commission announced plans to ban single-use cutlery, plates, straws, cotton buds and balloon sticks by 2021 in a new initiative to reduce marine pollution. We all know how dire the situation is with regards plastic pollution and how it affects our lands and oceans, along with animal and human life alike. So, one of the biggest reasons to switch to instant taps, mains fed water coolers or AquAid refillable 19ltr bottles reused between 30 and 35 times, is the fact that it does away with plastic bottles or greatly reduces the amount of plastic used.

The most common type of plastic pollution in our oceans is nurdles – these are the plastic pellets used to create other plastic products. Along with polystyrene, plastic bags and food containers, they make up the vast majority of marine debris, it is estimated that there are around 165 million tons of plastic pollution in the sea – and it forms the greatest threat to large marine mammals. Not only can they become entangled in the plastic which then curbs their movement and ability to find food, but ingested it can block their digestive system which ultimately leads to starvation. In addition to the physical impact of plastic pollution on creatures, it can also poison their system which in turn affects the food chain and our own source of food. It is estimated that nearly 500,000 marine mammals die each year due to plastic pollution in our oceans.

Left in landfills, plastic does not fare any better. Chlorinated plastic releases dangerous chemicals into the earth which can seep into underground water supplies harming the surrounding ecosystem and drinking water. In addition to this potential water pollution, another form of pollution is the methane gas released as plastic biodegrades which significantly adds to global warming – as arctic ice melts and recent heat waves can attest to.

While great efforts are made to promote responsible recycling, and while collectively we are doing a better job of reducing and re-using, which does minimize global impact, we still have a long way to go. And in a corporate setting one of the easiest ways to do our bit is to provide a more environmentally friendly water alternative for employees – if we can offer them safe, easily accessible drinking water via instant taps, mains fed water coolers or via our 19ltr refillable bottle, it prevents staff from having to buy small half-litre bottles of water which immediately reduces the amount of plastic being disposed of. If you need a tailored water solution that perfectly fits your needs and the needs of your employees, while also benefiting the environment – call AquAid today.

Employee Engagement & Instant Taps

Employee Engagement & Instant Taps

Employee engagement, according to Forbes, is the ‘emotional commitment the employee has to the organisation and its goals. This emotional commitment means engaged employees actually care about their work and their company.’ Those who are engaged are easy to spot: it’s the person first through the door in the morning because they can’t wait to start their day, they are full of energy when they talk about their work, the corporate culture, their manager, or any challenging project they’re involved in; and their positivity inspires those around them. So it’s easy to see why employee engagement is beneficial for business, and there are a number of ways of achieving it.

One good place to start is to encourage a strengths-based culture – this exists when a team member’s strengths are aligned with their professional requirements. It’s quite different to the more standard performance appraisal system which focuses more on a person’s shortcomings rather than what they’re good at. By focusing on the positive, research has found that employees are more motivated, they are more inclined to develop their strengths, and they are more likely to thrive in their working environment.

Another way to foster employee engagement is to show that the company cares about their staff – this can be demonstrated in big ways like implementing incentive programmes or different reward systems, or providing regular training so that employees can upskill and move through the ranks more confidently. But it’s also implicit in the small things like ensuring your staff members have a comfortable breakout area (research shows that regular breaks aid productivity), and that there are tea and coffee facilities with safe drinking water easily accessible via instant taps or water coolers.

According to Glassdoor, the nine pillars of employee engagement are:

  1. Knowing your value and purpose within the company
  2. Constructive and timeous communication
  3. Health and wellness
  4. Enjoying your physical workspace
  5. Having a well-defined role in the organisation
  6. Social interactions in the office
  7. Recognition and incentives
  8. Support and buy-in from quality managers
  9. Bolstering personal growth and development

Employee engagement leads to higher employee satisfaction, higher staff retention and lower turnover, less absenteeism, higher productivity and ultimately increased profitability – can you afford to not prioritise it?

AquAid’s Mains Fed Water Cooler Range: The 21st Century

AquAid’s Mains Fed Water Cooler Range: The 21st Century

It’s easy to see why the 21st Century water dispenser is one of AquAid’s most popular Mains-Fed water dispensers.

The AquAid 21st Century Water Dispenser is the largest capacity machine on the market. This water dispenser, which is plumbed into your mains supply, uses a special 11ℓ cold water reservoir which is almost 4 times larger than the tanks in other Mains Fed dispensers.

This machine is a real work horse and is well suited for installation in areas where there is a very high usage or where people constantly refill their water bottles.

The AquAid 21st Century offers an option of anti-bacterial taps which are specifically for use in high usage areas. These silver impregnated taps are excellent for killing bacteria, reducing the likelihood of cross contamination.

Due to its large water capacity this Mains-Fed Water Dispenser is only available as a floor standing model.

The 21st Century is best suited for installation in high usage areas such as Large Companies; Medical Facilities; Universities, Colleges and Schools.

Servicing and sanitising your 21st Century High Capacity Cooler

Not only do we provide top quality water coolers like the 21st Century, we also install and service the machines for you.  All of our machines are installed by our EDWCA accredited service technicians and as per the EDWCA guidelines; we sanitise all mains-fed water dispensers every 6 months.

For all your water and water cooler requirements, contact us at AquAid today. With over 20 years of experience and more than 22 branches nationwide, we’re perfectly positioned to provide you with the right water dispenser to meet your drinking water requirements.

Corporate Social Responsibility and your AquAid water dispenser

Installing an AquAid 21st Century Mains Fed Water Dispenser benefits not only you and your staff, by supplying you with drinking water at a push of a button, but also those in need on other continents.

Should you install four Mains Fed plumbed-in water dispensers, a water well, bearing your organisation’s name, will be built in Africa on your behalf.

However, be assured that If you don’t take 4 plumbed-in units, we will still donate a portion of the revenue from our sales to the charities that we support.

Water is … progress

Water is … progress

There’s a quote in a meme that’s been doing the rounds on social media for a few years now. It shows a group of women and girls carrying water in containers balancing on their heads taken as they walk towards the photographer. The quote reads:

People experience a lack of water resources, access to water and prolonged drought across the globe, and although we may have all needed to fetch and carry water at times throughout our lives, for millions of people this is not a temporary situation but a daily occurrence.

According to a 2007 report from FAO around 2 billion people, or almost one-fifth of the world’s population, live in areas of scarcity. Another 1.6 billion people, or almost one quarter of the world’s population, face economic water shortage (where countries lack the necessary infrastructure to take water from rivers and aquifers).

As an example, in drought stricken regions throughout Africa, like in rural Zimbabwe, most households have to travel up to 7 miles to the nearest water source.

There is hope though, with organisations across the world committed to combating dire water shortages brought about by climate change and other natural phenomenon.

Two such organisations are Christian Aid and the Africa Trust.  Working alongside stakeholders such as AquAid, these two charities have for decades provided solutions that bring clean water to thousands of communities around the globe.

If you are interested in finding out how having a water cooler from AquAid provides access to clean water to people in need, for life, please get in touch. We would be delighted to assist.