Bottled or Mains Water Coolers – which is best for you?

Bottled or Mains Water Coolers – which is best for you?

This may seem like a daunting prospect, however, here at AquAid, we’re delighted to advise that choosing a Bottled or Mains Water Dispenser to help hydrate you is quite simple. Here’s why:

Experience: With AquAid, you have at your disposal 23 years of our experience in the provision of drinking water dispensers, irrespective of the requirements. This includes drinking water dispenser needs for any organisation of any size, notwithstanding construction sites, festivals, pop-up events and open-air locations. We offer a free, no obligation assessment at your premises with our recommendation of which of our range is the best option for use.

Convenience: With our 23 branches, you have peace of mind that there is an AquAid branch convenient to your location. Not only do we offer a 48-hour installation period for bottled water coolers and 3-4 days for mains water coolers and scheduled bottled water deliveries, we also provide a next day emergency water delivery should you run out.

Innovation & Quality: Each of AquAid’s high-quality Water Coolers, Boilers and Instant Taps is backed by an automatic service schedule; there is no need for you to check on when your water cooler requires sanitisation or servicing.

Donations to Charity: Since our inception in 1998, we have donated to charities where the focus is on implementing clean water resources for people in dire need. These donations are not added to your purchase or contract, they are automatic and generate from our revenues.

Access & Availability: If you preference is to first browse and contact later, we have that coolered too. The AquAid website clearly itemises our range, our branches and when you want to speak to us, that’s also easy – use the contact form, e-mail or call us – we’re here to help.

Water Coolers for Schools

Water Coolers for Schools

Numerous studies have shown that children need to maintain good hydration throughout their day – it is a crucial component to their being able to better pay attention, retain information, as well as contributing to their overall well-being while at school.

As an employer in any educational facility, you can help by making sure that drinking water is not only available to the children but also your entire staff contingent.

A hydrated child is a much happier child. Yet another reason for all schools in the UK to ensure drinking water is easily accessible and readily available.

As one of the largest water cooler suppliers to pre-schools, schools, academies, colleges and universities throughout the UK, AquAid offer a wide range of top-quality water dispensers specifically designed to meet the small, medium or large capacity requirements of any educational facility.

Choose from our range of Mains-Fed water coolers for large schools where the water consumption is high or, from our Bottle-Fed range for schools where a water mains isn’t readily available.

When AquAid install any water dispenser in a school, these added benefits, all of which contribute towards a more holistic approach to hydration, are included:

  • Installation in a location of your choice by WHA qualified and enhanced DBS checked engineers.
  • Full maintenance, including emergency call-outs in the event of a breakdown.
  • The supply of 100 free, individual water bottles to encourage the children to fill their water bottles throughout the day, plus 2 posters showing the benefits of hydration, suitable for the age group of the students.
  • Automatic charitable donations resulting in the implementation of clean water resources for children in Africa.
Water and Our Body’s Fluidity and Motion

Water and Our Body’s Fluidity and Motion

Recently we referred to the importance of water equates to energy. We also blogged about how vital water is to aid muscle and joint health.

It may seem that we belabour the point; however, we do so because it’s all true. As with any other beings on Earth, we all need water in order to thrive, move and function. From that perspective, it makes sense that we at least function well and continued water consumption is at the core of providing this ability.

A few examples of how water helps our body’s fluidity and function:

Cartilage, found in joints and the disks of the spine, contains around 80 percent water. Water helps to keep your joints lubricated and flexible; the Synovial fluid that directly lubricates your joints is made up primarily of water. This fluid reduces the friction between joints and helps to maintain healthy tissue and joints.*

Water cushions the brain, spinal cord and other sensitive tissues. It is also involved in the production of hormones and neurotransmitters.**

It delivers oxygen throughout the body. Blood is more than 90 percent water, and blood carries oxygen to different parts of the body.**

Drinking water makes minerals and nutrients accessible. These dissolve in water, making it possible for them to reach different parts of the body.**

It helps maximize physical performance. Drinking plenty of water during physical activity is essential. Athletes may perspire up to 6 to 10 percent of body weight during physical activity.

Whatever our level of activity, we need to maintain a good level of water consumption to help our body serve us in the best way possible. Although most of us don’t function at the same level, if there is any indication of how well water facilitates our body’s ability to perform at our best, one need look no further than at the Olympians performing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Motivational stuff indeed!

All it takes is that first sip, then that first glass of water at the beginning of your day. Repeat.

A foolproof method of ensuring you imbibe throughout the day is to install a water cooler in your premises. For that, you need look no further than AquAid Water Coolers. With 23 years’ experience under our belt and 23 branches at your convenience, we’ll have you, your workmates, colleagues and your staff with a constant supply of refreshing drinking water in under a week.

*source – IBJI

**source – Medical News Today

Water Cooler Health – Six Super Quick Hydration Tips

Water Cooler Health – Six Super Quick Hydration Tips

As this is all about speed, we’re dispensing with the usual lengthy intros and diving straight in:

  1. If you’re on the move during the day, carry bottled water with you. If you’re more stationary during the working day, drink water upon waking up, well before your work commute. Drink water when you arrive at work and continue replenishing your water throughout the day.
  2. Install a bottlefed or mainsfed water dispenser. A watercooler at your premises is an efficient method guaranteeing a constant supply of chilled or ambient temperature or even hot (for your teas and coffees) drinking water.
  3. Hydrating Drinks other than H2O. Drinking herbal drinks or teas (as they don’t contain caffeine) is a great alternative to water. As is water infused with fruit. A few tasty combinations are mint and cucumber, lemon and raspberries (tart and refreshing!) or orange and strawberry.
  4. Water rich food. Prepping water rich snacks or meals for your day is easy, quick and packs a hydrating healthy benefit. Think berries, stone fruits and melons and/or lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and many leafy greens. They also all contain other nutrients vital to your well-being.
  5. Perspiration is an ally – use it. Unlike with cooler weather, when it’s hot, it’s easier to see when you’re perspiring/sweating. Perspiration is one of your body’s direct methods signalling that you need to replace the water you’re losing. Even if you’re not that active, it’s easy to dehydrate. Make sure to drink water regularly every day and even more so when you perspire.
  6. Tag family, friends, and workmates. Wherever you are – home, remote work, workplace – set-up a buddy water alarm clock with whoever is in plain sight. Check regularly to make sure they’re drinking the water they poured. Repeat at regular intervals.
When is a Bottle Fed Water Cooler right for your requirements?

When is a Bottle Fed Water Cooler right for your requirements?

We have already detailed why an AquAid Mains Fed Water Dispenser may be right for your requirements. In this article, we detail how Bottled Water Coolers and Dispensers may be the right fit for your organisation in place of a mainsfed water dispenser.

Bottled Water Coolers are ideal where portable water or a mains water supply is unavailable. Depending on the dispenser, the bottles can hold two, three or five gallons of water. AquAid provide drinking water solutions for organisations, businesses, worksites, medical, health and educational facilities, large, medium and small.

AquAid’s spring and bottled at source water is drawn from three separate locations, each source of water containing varying quantities of minerals.

The installation an AquAid bottlefed water cooler is simple and straightforward, requiring only a single plug socket. Once installed, there will be a constant supply of refreshing chilled or cool water for you, your staff, customers and visitors.

With branches across the United Kingdom, AquAid is able to provide a fast and effective delivery system.

Visit the website to view the range of Bottle-Fed Water Coolers, installed by WHA accredited engineers and backed by our premium first-class service, and contact us today to discuss the best options tailored to your specific needs.


Water = Energy

Water = Energy

I looked up the 3 Laws of Energy in order to present them in this blog, however, my energy levels are somewhat reduced as I haven’t been drinking water as I usually do and it was a little more difficult than I thought to simplify what these laws entail.

What I do know is that all beings require energy in order to function. In order to function well, humans require fuel and we gain energy from consuming food. In order to extract energy from food, every single cell needs to activate in order for that food to process into energy. At the core of generating this energy, is water.

Water is essential for life – involved in many cellular functions, including energy production. By drinking water at regular intervals throughout the day, you’re already providing your body and brain with an energy boost. Not only does water help stimulate the organs responsible for the digestive function, it lubricates joints and muscles, plumps up our skin, keeps our eyes clear, promotes healthy blood circulation and overall helps our body function at its best.

If you would like to have a steady supply of refreshing drinking water at your convenience, speak to one of our knowledgeable experts at AquAid Water Coolers. We’d be delighted to assist.