Being one of the biggest water distribution company in the UK, we at AquAid not only focuses on providing clean and fresh water to all our clients, we are also committed to doing it in the most environmentally friendly way possible. To achieve this we have changed the way we do business, for the better.

Firstly, we have more distribution centres than any other water provider in the UK. This has three very important benefits. The first is that we have to spend less time, money and diesel to get to our customers, as they are closer to us. This offers you our clients the peace of mind that you will be able to get your water on time, every time. Lastly, having many smaller distribution centres ensures that the bottles of water do not stand around in large warehouses. This ensures the freshest water possible and it eliminates the need to dispose of old and unused bottles.

Another fantastic change that we are committed to is to encourage our water users to switch to mains fed water coolers, where possible. This reduces the need to produce more bottles that are plastic and it ensures that the environmental or carbon footprint left behind by our users and by us is dramatically reduced. It also leads to fewer deliveries and smaller servicing vehicles needed to service the water coolers, reducing diesel consumption and harmful emissions.

For the plastic bottles that are produced,  we use a very durable and re-usable plastic that reduced the need to replace the bottles after one use. These bottles have a very long re-usable shelf life and it has dramatically reduced the amount of bottles manufactures and recycled. All the water bottles that are disposed of are done so in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

One of the biggest contributions to reducing waste is the new billing system that we are incorporating. The water industry uses countless delivery notes, invoices and bills every day and we have made a positive choice to move with the electronic times and are now starting to use electronic delivery notes and paperless billing that is e-mailed to our clients.

With all these environmental advantages, it is easy to see why we at AquAid are one of the leading water cooler supplier in the country.