Benefit? Advantage? Are we playing tennis or are we referring to what installing an AquAid Hot Water Boiler, Water Cooler or Instant Taps does for you?

Being as we are one of the UK’s leading water cooler suppliers, you can safely assume we are referring to the advantages gained and benefits provided when you install any of AquAid’s high quality water dispensers.

A few Advantages:

  • AquAid offer a wide range of high quality water dispensers. The advantage here is the guarantee to have your drinking water requirements correctly fulfilled.


  • With 22 branches throughout the UK, you have the advantage of a water cooler supply specialist, local to you, for your convenience.


  • You gain the advantage of our now twenty-two years of operational experience, delivering exceptional service to more than 34 000 customers.

A few Benefits:

  • As an AquAid customer, you benefit from our streamlined, centralised billing with the advantage of dealing with an AquAid branch, local and convenient to you.
  • Wherever your location in the UK; whatever size your organisation, you and your staff and colleagues benefit from having constant access to refreshing drinking water, thereby ensuring you are all properly hydrated throughout your working day.
  • We offer a free on-site survey to assess what your need is and what combination of bottled water coolers, mainsfed water coolers, hot water boilers or Instant hot water Taps to match your drinking water requirements.
  • As we automatically schedule and carry out the sanitising and servicing of your water dispensers, there is no need for you to remind us.
  • As an AquAid customer, you also benefit from a Corporate Social Responsibility perspective, as each bottle of water purchased and each Mains-Fed Water Dispenser installed carries with it an automatic donation to charities we, with your help, support.

To find out more about the benefits and advantages of installing an AquAid Water Cooler, we invite you to contact us using these convenient channels via Email or Call 0800 772 3003.